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Field Trip : See Over 36 Fairy Garden Homes at Gateway Garden Center’s Fairy Fest

Just for fun (which I have been having a lot of lately!), my good friend, Renee’ and I traveled over to Hockessin, DE  this weekend to Gateway Garden Center for their annual Fairy Garden Festival. What a great idea this was! Folks from all over the area built different fairy dwellings and placed them throughout

Field Trip : Join Me on a Taste Test of Wild & Ornamental Plants at TheDCH

If I ever land on “Survivor”, I want Aubree Davis by my side to reveal what wild things are good to eat! A life-long naturalist who works for the American Public Gardens Association, Aubree can create a feast out of roots, seed pods and weeds that you wouldn’t believe! Not only did she tell us

DIY Project : Arrange Your Own Fall Apple Harvest Basket

Want to feel like a kid again, play and make something beautiful, too? Sign up for one of Emily Smith‘s monthly floral arranging workshops at the Delaware Center for Horticulture and join the fun! This month, Emily demonstrated how to create a wonderful Apple Harvest Basket and then turned us loose to make our own.

DIY Project : Flower Baskets for a quick pop of color in the garden!

This is a tough transition time in the garden; not cool enough yet for the colorful mums, pumpkins, ornamental cabbage and gourds, yet you want to keep some garden interest going in the meantime. This weekend, I went to a garage sale and bought two baskets for $1.50 and decided to make flower baskets for my

Flowers Going to Seed and Colors Muting: Early September Garden Walk

Suddenly it’s September and the days are already noticeably shorter and the nights cooler. Transitions to Fall are taking place in our garden, flowers going to seed and the colors are muting. Some of the plantings are putting on a final show, and the sturdy little annuals – vincas, snapdragons, begonias, mexican heather, impatiens and

It’s Apple Season ! Make a heavenly apple cake with a sugary crust and make your house smell divine!

September is now here and it’s apple season, time to make apple cake! This is a wonderful cake for the fall and winter and probably the most requested at our house for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Another of my wonderful German grandmother’s old recipes, it has stood the test of time. Easy enough to

Field Trip : Making Easy Jalapeño Pepper Jelly and Strawberry Banana Freezer Jam at the DCH

What a treat! This past Monday, I attended a canning workshop at the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Our knowledgeable speaker, Jacque Willamson, explained the basics of home canning with an emphasis on waterbath canning. Not only was she able to provide  good information and resources like the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving  and Put’em up! A

DIY Project : Create your own fairy terrarium

Have you seen the terrariums in the garden centers? Have you seen the price tags on them? Let me show you how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to create your own terrariums. My project will be a fairy terrarium,  but you can choose to decorate (or not) yours in any fashion you like. The

DIY Project : Making Fairies from Natural Materials

This morning as I was taking a stroll around the neighborhood and our yard, I gathered little bits of leaves, acorns, monkey balls, sticks and grasses. Since buying fairies for my plants and garden is pretty pricey, I decided I would try my hand at making my own! Plus, the Arden Fair is next Saturday


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