Seasonal Blooms

Every time another bloom appears in the garden, I wish it could stay longer. Perhaps because their stay is so fleeting, we enjoy and anticipate those lovely flowers much more than the all- season annuals that bloom month after month. But to each one its own season; perky daffodils heralding the spring,stately foxgloves swaying in the breeze and trumpet lily perfuming the whole yard. In turn, they put on their show and then we must wait and remember them until the next year. Gardening…. a study in developing patience. See Fall Blooms,  Spring BloomsSummer Blooms or Winter Blooms.

Bird Bath & Beautyberry Bush, See more Fall Blooms

Camellia “Black Tie,” See more Spring Blooms

Balloon flower (Campanula) and annual impatiens, See more Summer Blooms

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