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A Trip Down Memory Lane ~ My Former Garden

  Today I’m taking you with me on a trip down memory lane to my former garden. Our brick split-level sat on a seventy-five by one hundred foot lot in a development established in the 1950s and looked pretty much like all the other homes around us. Over the course of thirteen years, using landscaping

The DCH Workshop ~ Pushing Spring: Early Planting for the Impatient Gardener (with Alice & George Davis)

Since we all have the heebie-jeebies for spring around February, the Delaware Center for Horticulture recently held a seed-starting workshop to offer some relief. Early seed starting can take place in pots for later transplanting, in cold frames for early harvest or in the garden as soon as the ground can be worked. Our workshop

January ~ Winter Garden

      January and winter has set in with temperatures in the teens and flurries of snow here in Delaware. Take a walk with me through the fresh snow and see how the everyday is transformed into the extraordinary. Snow, the icing on the cake!                

Heart & Home ~ Valentine’s Day is Coming!

Mid- winter now and, besides a couple brief snows, the garden is quiet. Time to look to a wonderful winter blooming shrub: Mahonia Japonica, for adding a bit of color to the landscape and outside decor. Since Valentine’s Day is in a month, I decided to change up a few outdoor displays today. Out came

DIY Project ~ Turn a Rake Head into a Bird Buffet!

  Besides the three regular bird feeders I keep filled year-round, I decided to prepare a bird buffet feeding station. So, out to the garden shed I went to root around until I came up with an idea. And, there it was, a rake head with lots of prongs to hold bird goodies galore. Into

Winter Wonderland ~ It Finally Snowed!

    This morning we awoke to fat, fluffy snowflakes cascading down, and I was thrilled to see them! I just love the way that soft white blanket transforms our landscape. Although this first snow didn’t amount to much, just a couple of inches, I threw on my boots and winter woolies and did a

DIY Project ~ Create a Woodland-Inspired Wreath or Centerpiece for the Holidays on the Cheap!

The latest DCH workshop was a huge success! As we entered, rack after rack of every green you can imagine and a huge display of woodland and garden accents greeted us. Christmas music and refreshments quickly put everyone in the holiday spirit, not to mention the lovely aroma of all those fresh greens. DCH staff


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