Sun Loving

One of the special features that drew us to this property is that it is lined by large, mature pines on either side. Because of their height, only small sections of our garden could actually be classified as “Full Sun”. Most of the garden receives between three to six hours of sun a day, depending on the season and how close to the trees it is. That exposure is in fits and starts; some morning sun and then some afternoon sun.The part of the garden that gets the most sun consistently is right in front of the house and in the front island flower bed. Here are some of the combinations I have enjoyed that you might want to try yourself!


planted wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow planted with Lantana and Creeping Jenny

Birdbath planted with succulents

Cocosmia “Lucifer” & Sedum “Vera Jamison”


Echinacea “Burgundy Fireworks” & Caryopteris “Lil’ Miss Sunshine”

Knockout roses & Anise Hyssop

Black-eyed Susans & Dusty Miller

“David” phlox, Star Gazer lilies & double hollyhocks

Mixed sun border ~ front garden

Phlox, caryopteris, lamb’s ears “Sarah Von Stein”


Autumn Sedum, hibiscus, bronze fennel, Crocosmia “Dragon’s Blood”

Dusty Miller & Shiso Perilla

Hyperion day lilies, verbena and caryopteris

Trumpet Lilies & Vitex

Knockout roses, burgundy iris and mophead cypress


Larkspur, Butterfly bush, lilies, Caryopteris in the front flower bed

Day Lily “BonnieAnnette” & Ninebark “Coppertina”


Balsam, Heuchera, and Shiso Perilla

Pink Coneflowers & Sun Tolerant Hosta

Gooseneck Loosestrife & White Coneflower

Day Lily & Hosta

Annuals : Snapdragons, Vinca and Dusty Miller

Day Lilies & Caryopteris “Longwood Blue”

Tall Trumpet Lilies & “Black Lace” Elderberry

Rue & Hydrangea

Lamb’s Ear


Dusty Miller & Azure Allium



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