DIY Project : Arrange Your Own Fall Apple Harvest Basket

Apple Harvest Basket

The perfect DIY project for you this weekend ~ make your own Fall Apple Harvest Basket!

Want to feel like a kid again, play and make something beautiful, too? Sign up for one of Emily Smith‘s monthly floral arranging workshops at the Delaware Center for Horticulture and join the fun! This month, Emily demonstrated how to create a wonderful Apple Harvest Basket and then turned us loose to make our own. Music, laughter, some fresh apple cider and our creative juices were flowing! Everyone made and took home their own unique centerpiece with a happy heart at the end of the evening.

Just skewer the apples and place them in the oasis first, then add the greens and flowers. This “All Around” technique was easy even for all of us budding floral arrangers attending the workshop. Amazingly, every basket turned out differently even though we were following Emily’s directions!


I can hardly wait to attend her next workshop where Emily will have us make something wonderful from pumpkins! If you are in the area, come get in the autumn spirit with us!

Now it is your turn! Here’s what you will need to make your own Apple Harvest Basket:

  • 7 apples
  • bamboo skewers
  • cutting tools (scissors, paring knife and small pruners)
  • piece of pre-soaked fresh-flower oasis that is a little taller than the container
  • a small basket
  • two plastic containers
  • paper to stuff inside the basket
  • dried moss to cover the paper
  • a variety of greens (we used Sweet Annie, Ming Fern, Honey Bracelet and cut greens from outdoors)
  • a variety of flowers, color coordinated to the apples (we used statice, alstromeria, spray roses and hypericum)
Fresh Apples

fresh apples from the orchard

Flower Materials

a variety of flower materials

cutting tools you’ll need

Emily demonstrates cutting at the nodes to stretch our greens and flowers.

two plastic containers (one inverted) packed with paper form the base

skewered apples go in first, then add greens and flowers to fill it out

This looks pretty good for a novice flower arranger…ready to take home!

pple Harvest Basket

My Apple Harvest Basket centerpiece on our dining table! Of course, I had to add a bow! Now we are ready for Fall!

Emily’s next class : Pumpkin Patch Arrangements

Make a striking arrangement of fresh flowers and fall accents designed in a real pumpkin. We take you step by step through the design process, giving you tips for making a long-lasting, visually pleasing and unique arrangement. All make-and-take materials included.

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: TheDCH
Cost: Members $35.00, Non-Members $45.00, Register online

Emily with her sample basket, she made it so simple to do! I am signing up for more of her classes!

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