The focus of our Winterthur trip was exploring the Enchanted Woods. (See our blog post by clicking here!) Here are more pictures of this lovely faerie haven!

Field of lilies

Swirled stump planter

Bird’s Nest

Upside-Down Tree

Faux bois benches

Faerie window

Faerie window

Acorn Tea Room

Acorn Tea Room

Gorgeous hydrangea

Tulip Tree House

Tulip Tree House

Faux bois chairs

Frog Hollow bridge

Pond turtles

Seating around a tree

Water trough

Hand pump

Faerie Cottage

Faerie Cottage

Cottage thatch

Faerie Cottage hearth

Inside Faerie Cottage

Inside Faerie cottage

Gathering Green

Troll Bridge detail

Enchanted Woods

Enchanted frog

Log planter

Faerie ring

Vibrant day lily

Wonderful planter combinations



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