Wheel Rim Planters

If you are an Our Fairfield Home and Garden blog reader, you probably know by now how much I love using repurposed items in the garden. The rustier and crustier the better! This idea for Wheel Rim Planters came from a recent junking trip I made to the Renewed For You Shoppe. There I found planted wheel rims as well as some to buy, take home and plant for myself.


This is a simple, quick diy planter to make with just three steps!

First, place your wheel rim where you want it to be in the garden. You can move it after planting but why break your back? These things are heavy! Add wet soil and that wheel rim planter will be a bear to lift!

Second, add screening or landscape fabric over the well holes and fill with good potting soil.

Third, plant it up keeping in mind your location’s sun exposure and how large the plants’ root systems will get as they mature.


Wheel Rim Planters

A rusty wheel rim ready to become a planter!

To keep the soil from washing down through the wheel rim holes, cut a piece of screen or permeable landscape fabric and lay it inside the well. I happened to have some screening left over from another project and used that. In a pinch, you could use layers of newspaper or cardboard. Know that these paper products will decompose over the course of a year and need to be replaced.

Wheel Rim Planters

Screen placed to cover holes inside the wheel.

Fill the Wheel Rim with good quality potting solid, then water it in. The soil will sink a bit as you wet it, so add more and wet again. Now you are ready to plant!

The well of the wheel is relatively shallow. Make sure that the colorful annuals, ground covers or perennials you plant are fairly small and don’t need a lot of growing space for their root systems. Safe bets are most summer annuals such as Angelonia, Begonias, Coleus, Geraniums, Marigolds, Dusty Miller, Nasturtiums, et al.

If planting perennials, know your plant! You want plants that aren’t fussy like miniature Hostas, small grasses and ground covers. Mixing them up with colorful annuals is a win-win for all season interest.

Wheel Rim Planters

Wheel Rim filled with potting soil.

This planter was finished off by planting some pretty Coleus with pink in their leaves and a Mexican Culantro, surrounded by creeping Jenny.

Wheel Rim Planters

Planted Wheel Rim Planter at Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Here’s the second Wheel Rim Planter planted with Angelonia, a tiny Carex grass and multi-colored Coleus. Won’t these new planters look great when they fill in during the next few weeks?

Wheel Rim Planters

Planted Wheel Rim Tire Planter at Our Fairfield Home and Garden


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