Shown are some pictures of my favorite summer blooms I have taken here at our Fairfield garden to share with you! Keep checking back as I will be adding pictures as the flowers come into bloom. When the variety is known, I have noted it in the caption. See also Spring Blooms, Fall Blooms or Winter Blooms.



Zinnia ~ annual

Purslane in the succulent bird bath

Mandevilla Vine

Mountain Mint

Butterfly Bush

Begonia ~ houseplant

Crape Myrtle

Impatiens ~ annual

Bee & Day Lily

Obedient Plant

Wood Aster


Lantana (annual)

Gardenia on Summer Vacation

annual Cleome

Anise Hyssop “Golden Jubilee”



Coneflower “Double Decker”

Hen and chicks “Ruby Glow”


Echinacea “Burgundy Fireworks”

Oriental Lilies

Bergamot ” Parade”


Oriental Lilies

Star Gazer Lily

“Carefree” White Rose

Pink “Knockout” Rose

Day Lily

“White Swan” coneflower & verbena

Plumbago ~ Ceratostigma plumbaginoides


Day Lily

Red Day Lily

annual Cosmos

Fragrant Hyperion day lilies

Annual Asclepia (Butterfly weed)

Oriental Lilies

Hydrangea “Nikko Blue”

Oriental Lily in the Gazebo Garden

Balloon flower (Campanula) and annual impatiens

Butterfly Weed (Asclepia)

Siberian Iris “Butter & Eggs” and Bronze Fennel

Native Impatiens

Native Foxglove

Day Lily (unnamed)

Pink Coneflowers


Trumpet Lilies


Hydrangea “Nikko Blue”

Yellow Asiatic Lilies

Yellow Knockout Roses

Rose of Sharon

White Phlox “David”

White Coneflower “White Swan”

annual Lantana

Callicarpa – Beauty Berry

Mountain Mint

Joe Pye Weed

Fairy Rose

Campanula “Elizabeth”

Rudbeckia Maxima


Hosta “Minuteman”



Yellow Shrub Rose

Day Lilies

Rose of Sharon

Hosta “Sum & Substance”

Variegated Lace-cap Hydrangea

Anise Hyssop “Golden Jubilee”




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