Window Box

We have two window boxes at the front of the house that I change out for the different seasons. I keep the plants in medium-sized pots and switch them out to keep the boxes colorful from spring through fall. On our back deck, I also have hayrack planters  each summer filled with annuals edged with spider plants!. Here are some ideas for your window boxes at home!


Fall Kitchen window box

Fall window box

Fall window box on the gazebo

Fall Window Box using aster, ornamental cabbage, small gourds, hay and dried flowers and seed pods from the garden.

Hayrack Planters in August

Winter greens & dried hydrangeas

Azaleas & geraniums

Hydrangeas & geraniums in front window boxes

deck hayracks with summer blooming annuals



Spring azaleas and Tete-a-Tete daffodils

Spring bulbs and a birdhouse

Spring flowering bulbs



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