Flowers Going to Seed and Colors Muting: Early September Garden Walk

Bronze Fennel seedhead … so beautiful in the Fall and the perfect natural bird food

Suddenly it’s September and the days are already noticeably shorter and the nights cooler. Transitions to Fall are taking place in our garden, flowers going to seed and the colors are muting. Some of the plantings are putting on a final show, and the sturdy little annuals – vincas, snapdragons, begonias, mexican heather, impatiens and perilla – keep some color in the flowerbeds.

At first, there didn’t seem much to photograph for you, but I was surprised with how much was still going on although it is nearing the end of the growing season. To my eye, even the seed heads are beautiful as they draw the birds, especially goldfinches, in to feed. So here is an early September stroll through our Fairfield Garden. Come along with me!

bird bath & beautyberry bush

morning glory on the branch arbor

rudbeckia maxima ~ seedheads adored by the goldfinches

elderberry, phlox “David” and white butterfly bush

rudbeckia triloba, tall annual salvia and caryopteris

caryopteris “Longwood Blue” is a bee & butterfly magnet

alliums & sedums in the frontyard

coneflower seed heads ~ loved by the birds

early September garden

kitchen deck window box


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