DIY Project : Flower Baskets for a quick pop of color in the garden!

quick & easy flower baskets

This is a tough transition time in the garden; not cool enough yet for the colorful mums, pumpkins, ornamental cabbage and gourds, yet you want to keep some garden interest going in the meantime. This weekend, I went to a garage sale and bought two baskets for $1.50 and decided to make flower baskets for my fence.

Pretty simple project really. First, I put two nails in the fence post to hang the baskets. Then I lined the baskets with black and white newspaper sheets and filled them with Moisture Control soil. Fall pansies went into the smaller basket and Plectranthus into the larger one. Some watering and the project was finished.

Now there is a pretty pop of color on the fence of our side yard. Quick, easy and inexpensive, my favorite kind of DIY!



materials for the flower baskets

baskets nailed to the fence, ready for flowers

quick & easy flower baskets








And I just could not resist, setting up one more fall display of pretty yellow pansies in a basket!

Pretty fall pansies in a painted picnic basket with blue and white napkin and rustic chair

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