Fall, an amazing time of year! It is back to school for the students and teachers (including me!), the days become shorter and there is less time in my schedule for gardening. The garden carries on without me though, receiving minimal attention on the weekends. Many flowers put on their last burst of bloom right before the end of the growing season and going dormant. Seed heads and muted colors begin to replace the color drama of summer. See also Spring BloomsSummer Blooms or Winter Blooms.

Lonicera blooms until killing frost

Montauk Daisy Mum

White Snakeroot

Viburnum leaves changing color

Early October in our garden

Fall colors with Asters

White Anemone

yellow mums


Fall flowers by the gazebo

solidago “Fireworks”

fall blooming asters

dried oakleaf hydrangea blooms

blooming sedum & Jerusalem sage

small sedums blooming in Fall

New York State Ironweed

Rose & Beautyberry

Plumbago & Lungwort

Hydrangea Paniculata

Hydrangea “Blushing Bride”

Hostas’ Fall Foliage

Wood Asters

Butterfly Bush ” Dark Knight”

White Crepe Myrtle

Leatherleaf Viburnum

perennial sage

Callicarpa ~ Beautyberry bush

Shiso Perilla ~ self-sowing annual

late blooming hosta

Sweet Autumn Clematis vine

Fall flowering Sedum

Bronze Fennel seedhead ~ natural bird food


Verbena Bonariensis ~ self-sowing annual

Verbena Bonariensis ~ self-sowing annual

White Butterfly Bush brings helpful insects to your garden

Rudbeckia Maxima ~ 7ft high and seeds are loved by goldfinches


Caryopteris “Longwood Blue” ~ a bee & butterfly magnet

perennial Ageratum ~ thrives in dry shade

perennial Ageratum

coneflower seedheads ~ finches love them!

annual ~ Black-eyed Susan vine

annual ~ New Guinea Impatiens

wheelbarrow planted with Lantana and Creeping Jenny

Fragrant August Lilies

September garden

September in the Gazebo Garden

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