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Plant Miniature Hostas in a Strawberry Pot!

Plant Miniature Hostas in a Strawberry Pot!

After finding a beautiful blue strawberry pot at a garage sale, I knew exactly what I was going to plant in it! Miniature hostas! A great tip I learned years ago from a seasoned gardener is to make a watering pipe for a strawberry pot. This little trick solves the problem of uneven watering and

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Need something to hold up your floppy flowers and shocked at the price of commercially made plant supports? Make your own plant supports from tomato cages for next to nothing! I picked up used tomato cages in different sizes at a recent yard sale for a couple bucks. Some were a little bent and wonky,

Summer Window Boxes ~ mixing annuals, houseplants and perennials for all-season impact

Summer Window Boxes

To create window boxes that will look great all summer, consider a combination of annuals, houseplants and perennials. Keep in mind the sun exposure of your window boxes when choosing plants. Our window boxes get lots of indirect light but only a few hours of direct sun in the morning. Because of this, I chose

New Tools ~ Spring Gardening at Our Fairfield Home and Garden

New Tools

Recently, I was contacted by a new family run business named Emerging Green, offering me some of their garden tools to try out in the garden. Of course I said, “Yes” and was eager to give them a spring road test. Upon arrival, I unboxed a large Hori Knife in its own sheath and a

Garden Musings at Our Fairfield Home & Garden

As I stroll through the garden, I love to note the small evolutions that have taken place from year to year. Letting the lawn grow naturally into predominately clover and violets has been an effort but worthwhile. It took a few years of digging up nut sedge and plantain by hand, but now the clover

Share the Bounty ~ giving back by gardening

Share the Bounty

Growing your own food and indoor plants is a joy for many gardeners. Extend that joy by sharing the bounty with others! Your excess plants can launch a new gardener, supply fresh food for a family or start a lifelong hobby.     It’s not just about food growing, don’t forget the houseplants! Here’s one

Repurposed Birdbath Succulent Planter

Succulent Birdbath

Sometimes things just fall into place, you know? A sweet friend dropped off two egg cartons full of divisions from her Hens & Chicks last week. I had been trying to decide where to plant them and hadn’t settled on an idea yet. Then, yesterday I saw my neighbors carrying their old birdbath to the

DIY ~ Natural Nesting Material Station for Birds

Natural Nesting Materials for Birds

It’s spring time and your garden birds are getting busy setting up housekeeping. Help them out by providing easy to find nesting materials! First of all, don’t be too tidy when cleaning up the garden. Leave some areas with small twigs, leaves, sticks, grass and plant clippings and short pieces of straw. Make sure any

Springerle Cookies ~ from my German Grandmother’s kitchen

Springerle Cookies

Growing up with a German grandmother, special homemade treats were always on hand when I visited. One of my very favorites were her soft, chewy Springerle Cookies with their sweet anise flavor. Many times I helped Grandmother bake them. Her only measuring tools an old tea cup and some kitchen spoons. She could turn out

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

So, what do you do when you have an old stump to camouflage, a wheelbarrow with holes and dribs and drabs of different outdoor succulents? Why, make a planter of course! This old wheelbarrow had seen better days and had quite a few rusted out holes in the bottom of it. Placing a few pieces


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