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Flowering Holiday Bulbs

Flowering Holiday Bulbs

    Flowering holiday bulbs create an extra special touch to your holiday decor and make wonderful gifts. Paperwhites and Amaryllis are two of the most popular bulbs for indoor forcing. Often sold in kits, be careful to inspect the bulbs first. Select plump, firm bulbs when choosing them individually at a nursery or garden

Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Contest Results!

Third Place Winner

The votes are in, the results are tabulated and we are now announcing the winners of the 2014, 1st Annual “Crack-Me-Up–Lantern” Pumpkin Decorating Contest” (say that 10 times fast, I dare you!).   There were such a bunch of wonderful, imaginative entries in our just-for-fun, non-competitive competition, all vying for the title of Creator Of The

DIY ~ Fall Nature Crafts

Fall Nature Crafts

What do you see in this box? Yard trimmings to be composted? I see the materials for making Fall nature crafts! Just a walk around the yard will give you almost everything you need to do some wonderful projects. Fun for adults and children, these low or no cost ideas are perfect for Fall.  

Fall Outdoor Decor ~ Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Fall Windowbox ~ Harvest Bushel Basket

    Fall has come with crisp, cool mornings, lingering fog and trees bursting into vibrant colors. Time again to celebrate the harvest and prelude to winter with seasonal outdoor decorating. First, windowboxes are created that can carry the season through Thanksgiving. A bushel basket base stuffed with hay, mums and pumpkins is surrounded by

DIY ~ Free Fall Wreath Using Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Wreath

  Bring those blossoms that are drying on the bush inside and enjoy them all winter long by making yourself a fall hydrangea wreath.   If you already had an old grapevine wreath lying around, like me, it will cost you nothing but about half an hour of your time!   Our Limelight Hydrangea had

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Bloggers You Should Know!

Bloggers You Should Know

 Just in case you haven’t come across them yet yourself, I’d like to introduce a few of my favorite bloggers. They serve as an inspiration to me and I just love their everything they do!    The Prudent Garden  is the place to go for anything related to growing plants and what to do with them

DIY ~ Windowsill Windowboxes

Windowsill Windowbox

What can you do to keep the growing season going? Make an indoor windowsill windowbox and bring the garden in!. Before buying materials for this project, make sure to check both the width and depth of the sunny windowsill where you will be placing your finished planter. When selecting the gutter, make sure the bottom


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