DIY ~ Fall Nature Crafts

Fall Nature Crafts

Creative crafts for little or nothing!

Natural materials

Natural materials gathered for Fall crafts

What do you see in this box? Yard trimmings to be composted? I see the materials for making Fall nature crafts!

Just a walk around the yard will give you almost everything you need to do some wonderful projects. Fun for adults and children, these low or no cost ideas are perfect for Fall.


Decorate a pumpkin with all natural materials! Here I stuck in Vitex seedheads for hair, hot glued beautyberries for eyebrows, acorn caps and rosehips for eyes, pine cones for ears and the nose and a Hyacinth Vine seed pod for a mouth. All gathered from our yard for free!

Pumpkin decorated with natural materials

Decorate a pumpkin for Halloween using all natural materials!


Transform an ordinary bunch of dried Indian corn into a wreath! Looks great on your door through Thanksgiving and makes a great winter treat for the birds!

Indian Corn Wreath

DIY Indian Corn Wreath











With just a few twigs, used corks and tiny pom-poms you can make a whole herd of little reindeer! They are perfect as ornaments and package toppers!

Twig and Cork Reindeer

Twig and Cork Reindeer







For a fast, easy, yet elegant home decor accent, make this Hydrangea Wreath!

Hydrangea Wreath

Pretty, easy and free! Hydrangea Wreath











 Here are a couple posts with step-by-step directions for making fairies out of materials you collect from outside! For Free!

Make Your Own Fairies

Make Your Own Fairies From Natural Materials

Make Your Own Fairies

Make Your Own Fairies from Natural Materials




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