Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Contest Results!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

See the entries here! They were all wonderful!

The votes are in, the results are tabulated and we are now announcing the winners of the 2014, 1st Annual “Crack-Me-Up–Lantern” Pumpkin Decorating Contest” (say that 10 times fast, I dare you!).


There were such a bunch of wonderful, imaginative entries in our just-for-fun, non-competitive competition, all vying for the title of Creator Of The Ultimate Pumpkin Head of 2014!

And you readers responded, all in good fun, with lots of comments that gave us the giggles about the Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern entries! (see them all again by clicking above on the contest image).

Now, a little drum roll please for the winner of the coveted first place and title of Creator Of The Ultimate Pumpkin Head of 2014 ~  Greenside Up. Her “Green Man” rendition pumpkin really caught everyone’s eye!

First Place Pumpkin

Readers’ Favorite (First Place) ~ Green Side Up



Second Place goes to  Garden Matter for her hubba-hubba entry. New House, New Home, New Life came in Third Place for her pumpkin with the leafy locks.

Second Place Winner

Readers’ Favorite (Second Place) Garden Matter

Third Place Winner

Readers’s Favorite (Third Place) New House, New Home, New Life












Click on any picture to see the pumpkin decorating directions for yourself. See more readers’ favorites below!

Most Nostalgic Pumpkin

Most Nostalgic ~ Hellie’s Corner

Most Natural Pumpkin Winner

Most Natural ~ Garden Therapy

Pumpkin Queen

Pumpkin Queen ~ Our Fairfield Home & Garden

Prettiest Pumpkin

Prettiest ~ Crafty Gardener

scariest pumpkin

Scariest Pumpkin ~ All Things G & D

Weirdest Pumpkin Winner

Weirdest ~ Lovely Greens










Funniest ~ Millie’s Milestone

Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Contest Results

1st Annual Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Pumpkin Decorating Contest ~ Readers’ Top Picks!



4 Responses so far.

  1. Patti says:

    Awww. Priscilla Pumpkin and I are honored. All the entries were great especially Green Man. I think Priscilla may have a crush on him. ;)

  2. Dee Sewell says:

    Oh wow! Thanks so much to everyone who voted! There are some fabulous pumpkin characters and the green man o’pumpkin is feeling honoured to be in such great compan :D

  3. Melissa says:

    LOL Very fun! I’m glad to see the voting public loved the same ones I do. And congrats Dee Sewell for having the Ultimate Pumpkin Head!


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