DIY ~ Make a Junk O’Lantern

Junk O'Lantern

My Keys & Corks Junk O’Lantern



Okay, in the spirit of fun and Fall, my good friend Melissa (a.k.a. The Empress of Dirt) and I are hosting a competition to design the best pumpkin faces. Knowing us, you know there aren’t a lot of rules, just that it must be original, a pumpkin with a face and appear on your blog.

So you bloggers out there, jump in and have some fun with us! You can even enter more than one pumpkin! If you aren’t a blogger, you get to be a voter and decide which pumpkins are the funniest, scariest, weirdest, most creative and most likely to be made into pie! All the details for entering the contest, voting and the linky party can be found by clicking on the contest picture at the bottom of this page. Submit and vote through Sunday, October 26th.

For one of my entries (I am determined to beat that Empress!), I cleaned out wine corks, old keys and a water faucet handle from our junk drawer. You know, the drawer where you toss things that you might need some day but don’t really have a clear category for organizing them? So this little $2.00 pumpkin will be dubbed a Junk O’Lantern. Here’s how I made her!

Materials from the junk drawer make a Junk O'Lantern

First, gather materials from your junk drawer and get a pumpkin!

Planning a Junk O'Lantern

Next, plan your Junk O’Lantern’s face by laying it out before hot gluing.

Keys & Corks Junk O'Lantern

Finally, use hot glue to attach the features. Here’s the finished Junk O’Lantern ~ what a lot of fun!

Click on this contest image to get all the details! Don’t forget to vote for me! Multiple times!

Pumkin Decorating Contest

*Click here for contest details! Keep checking until Sunday ,October 26th to see new pumpkins and to vote for your favorites!

See some of my other pumpkins!

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Tipsy Punkin Heads

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkins and Fall Decorating

Turkey Gourd

Turkey Gourd and more Fall accents!



6 Responses so far.

  1. chris aka monkey says:

    oh what fun i will be voting xx

  2. Carol Duncan says:

    I really think that the key and junk o-lantern is the best use of junk category .
    A suggestion for future posts is successful gardening in the desert. We have recently moved to south west N.M. Thanks Carol

    • Barb says:

      Thanks, Carol! So happy you liked my junk o’lantern! I have to admit that southwest gardening is not my forte, having always lived and gardened in the east, mid-Atlantic region!


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