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Road Trip ~ Lancaster County Greenhouses

Never Enough Rosemary!

 Spring is now officially here, because my friend and I have made the first trek to our favorite Lancaster County greenhouses in Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. We started out at Lone Pine Nursery, which is Amish-owned and operated, on a family farm. Not only do you find wonderful plants at bargain prices, the ladies of the family

Curb Appeal ~ Hiding An Eyesore In the Garden

A Country Garden vignette covers the utility boxes!

Although I wouldn’t like to live without the conveniences of gas, electric and cable television, I couldn’t stand the ugly meters and wires on the side of our home. It is a “No Dig Zone” there so the idea of planting a bush was out. Building a lattice structure came to mind, but I wanted

The Enchanted Guardians Come To My Garden

Chester standing guard with his lunch close at hand!

   (Have you heard? Dept. 56 has a new line, Garden District, including a collection of wonderful fairies and fairy garden accessories called Enchanted Guardians! See how I displayed them in my own garden and enter the Dept.56 sweepstakes to win your very own!) * This post has been sponsored by Dept. 56 who provided me with the

Easy Gardening Tip ~ Planting & Sharing Bulbs

Thalia and Tete-a-Tete Narcissus

     When you are planting bulbs in the fall, do you find yourself scratching your head trying to remember where you needed a few more of this or that? The remedy is actually quick and easy, and I cannot believe it took me all these years of gardening to figure it out! Just plant

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Spring Fling! Our Fairfield Home and Garden’s Windowboxes

Birdhouse Themed Spring Windowbox

   For several weeks, our front porch has been the holding place for my gathering of spring bulbs, just waiting for the days to warm. Hardening off and adjusting to cool nights in a protected area have kept the blooms from bolting. Finally spring has arrived and I can start working in the garden again.

DIY ~ Garden Hose Wreaths

Hose Wreath with Watering Can

 DIY ~ Garden Hose Wreaths      I have been wanting to make hose wreaths for some time now. Unfortunately, all our garden hoses are in good shape, so I actually broke down and bought a 25 foot garden hose! It was held together with four large, black twist ties which I reused in the

DIY ~ Spring Wreaths

Naural wreath made of dried plant materials.

    I am all about using natural materials, making pretty things and spending little or no money doing it! Here’s a little project that would be a sweet gift or home accent for yourself. These wreaths made of dried plant materials can be colored to suit your decor or left as nature intended. Best

A Visit to Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza 2015

Longwood Gardens Orchid

February is the longest, shortest month of the year. Winter is dragging its heels, the wind is blowing and the landscape is bleak. What a wonderful time for a dose of spring encapsulated in a four-acre conservatory at Longwood Gardens. The annual Orchid Extravaganza is in full bloom now through March 29th. Thousands of orchids, spring


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