Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

How To Make A Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

Who would take a friend’s wood scraps from their laundry room makeover? Me, that’s who! I am always looking for materials for low or no-cost projects.



I figured this wood from a house built in the 1940’s was perfect for making a rustic Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box.

Box of scrapwood

Box of scrap wood

My son came over and we got out a hand saw, nails, horseshoes (from a friend who has a horse, of course!) and a Dollar Store foam paint brush and set to work.

Materials for Herb Box

Materials we used: 2 horseshoes, a saw, foam paint brush and nails.

We liked the way some of the scraps were already attached together and decided to use a section of this for the base. Next, we measured and cut the ends. Last, the sides were cut to fit. So, your measurements can be made around whatever board or boards you choose to be the bottom. Hand sawing gives a more rustic cut, but an electric saw would be faster.

Cut the boards

Cut the sides to fit your bottom board

Next was putting the box together. Nail the sides together first, then nail that top frame onto the bottom boards. If your wood is thinner or more brittle, pre-drilling holes will help keep the wood from splitting. Wood screws could also be used instead of nails. I was using what was on hand.

Nail the sides together.

Nail sides together, then nail the top to the bottom

Here’s a picture of the completed box so you can see how we fit the sides together.

Basic Box Completed

Basic Box Completed

Finally, we attached the horseshoes, one on either end. Because this wood was rather heavy and we planned to carry pots of herbs in it, we cut an extra piece of wood to attach to the inside for reinforcement.


I painted some leftover white house paint on the box and wiped it off for a white-washed look. On the next box, I would do the painting before attaching the handles to make the painting process easier.

Brush paint on and wipe it off for a more rustic look!

Brush paint on and wipe it off for a white-washed look!

Rustic and weathered is just the look I was going for. See for yourself – I think we achieved that! Plus, my son and I had fun working on this together and visiting while we created something from nothing!

Painted Herb Box

Painted Herb Box

This picture is a close-up of the end of the Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box. The horseshoe makes a great handle and adds a country touch.

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box by Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box by Our Fairfield Home and Garden

There’s still plenty of wood left in that scrap box, so we will be making up a few more of these handmade herb boxes together.

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

Horseshoe handles make the box easy to carry!

Now you know what to do with that left over lumber! Make a Horseshoe-Handled Herb box (or two or three!) of your own! If you don’t have a horsey-friend, Tractor Supply Company has new horseshoes for sale!

Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box

Finished Horseshoe-Handled Herb Box filled with Parsley, Basil and Sage.

Horse-Shoe Handled Herb Box

Horse-Shoe Handled Boxes are so easy and fun to make, you’ll want to make more!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Mrs. Rosen, you just never cease to amaze me! I wondered how those scraps would end up and as usual, you take a box of ugly and turn it to charm! Aged wood was perfect for your project!

  2. Cute Barb! Look at you working with a hand saw! I hate those things. It could be because my hand tools are never as sharp as they should be.

  3. Caroline says:

    How awesome is this?! Love it with the horse shoe handles! I need friends like you!!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Hey Barb – I just showed Ed your project. He said to tell you he wants his wood back. HA!


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