Curb Appeal ~ Hiding An Eyesore In the Garden

Hide that eyesore area with a country cottage vignette!

Hide that eyesore area with a country cottage vignette!

Although I wouldn’t like to live without the conveniences of gas, electric and cable television, I couldn’t stand the ugly meters and wires on the side of our home. It is a “No Dig Zone” there so the idea of planting a bush was out. Building a lattice structure came to mind, but I wanted a cheaper, faster fix to this problem.

When my neighbor gave me an old door, though, a light bulb went off in my head! Off I went to the garden shed and gathered up a vignette that looks country cozy. In less than an hour, I hauled out some of our stored garden goodies and arranged them strategically in front of the eyesore area. Now I have a spot to sit and watch the birds, prettied up with some container plants for seasonal color and greenery.

Because our meters are read remotely, my little utility camouflage will not interfere with data collection by the gas or electric company either. (check to make sure your meters are read remotely before covering the area)

Below you can see why I hated this side of the house! Nothing but boxes , pipes and wires. No curb appeal to be found here!



Utility Boxes

Before: the side of our house had exposed utility boxes, meters , pipes and wires.


    Creating a cozy country vignette using a bench and garden accents from our shed, a neighbor’s old door and some potted plants was simple to do.

The total cost for this little spruce-up came to only $12 for the plants. Now the side of our house looks as country cottage as the rest! Maybe I’ll still build that lattice screen someday, but I am loving this unique screen right now.

A Country Garden vignette covers the utility boxes!

After:  A Country Garden vignette covers the utility boxes!

When you can't plant, make a vignette!

When you can’t plant, make a vignette!



4 Responses so far.

  1. Fun post, Barb. Wanted to tell you I shared a photo of yours from Pinterest (I think). I needed a shot of peony bushes. Thanks. Gave you proper credit and link. Always love your stuff.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  2. Michele says:

    What a lovely vignette! I always enjoy and am inspired by your creativity.

    • Barb says:

      Thanks so much, Michele! Using what I have and making the money stretch are my main goals as I garden and fix up around the garden!


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