Earth Day ~ 50+ Ideas to Green our Lives & Communities


Earth Day Ideas

50+ Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day is celebrated world-wide on April 22nd. We all want a healthy environment to live in and to leave our descendants. But sometimes we are so bombarded with environmental issues and their consequences that solutions seem overwhelming and we feel powerless to affect change in the world. So I sat down and brainstormed the actions I take now or want to implement to make my yard, my neighborhood, my city and my state a better, healthier place to live. This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are thousands of ideas out there. This is just one person’s little list of fifty things we can all do to save resources, recycle, reuse and green our community. Just think if everyone made up a list of fifty actions and employed them! What a wonderful world it would be! I’ll bet that, as you read through my list, you will find you have already put many of these items into practice. I’d love to know what other ideas you have or are doing, too. Just leave me a note in the comments section at the end of this post so we can all read them!

50 Things You Can Do!

1. Save & swap garden seeds

2. Make an insect hotel

3. Garden with pollinators in mind!

4. Reduce lawn areas

5. Find a nursery that recycles pots

6. Mulch with shredded leaves, grass clippings and pine needles

7. Plant for your zone and water less

8. Plant & maintain trees

9. Raise some of your own food

10. Plant a rain garden

11. Install a rain barrel (or two)

12. Start your own plants from seeds & cuttings

13. Buy heirloom seeds & plants

14. Improve indoor air quality with houseplants

15. Join a local community garden group

15. Compost your food & yard waste

16. Create habitats in your yard

17. Use organic sprays & fertilizers

18. Smother weeds with cardboard & newspaper

19. Support clean air & water legislation

20. Buy & share lawn equipment with neighbors & friends

21. Go paperless

22. Cut back the heating temperature, wear a sweater

23. Open a window and raise the AC temperature

24. Turn off lights & electronics not in use

25. Hang the laundry out to dry

26. Use the cold water cycle when washing clothes

27. Turn your water heater down (especially in summer)

28. Use low or no VOC paints

29. Plan shopping trips, go less & go together

30. Take your own shopping bags & containers

31. Buy local from farmers or farmers markets

32. Buy second hand at garage sales & thrift stores

33. Recycle everything you can

34. Buy less that can’t be recycled

35. If it is usable, donate. Don’t dump!

36. Eat less meat, make it the side dish

37. Drink unbottled water

38. Buy in quantity and repackage with reusable containers

39. Make your own food – buy less processed food

40. Don’t waste food, share it !

41. Trade in your gas hog SUV

42. Open the car windows & turn off the AC

43. Walk more & ride less

44. Ride a bike

45. Don’t smoke

46. Use natural cleaners

47. Don’t flush unused meds down the drain or toilet

48. Use essential oils instead of air fresheners

49. Pick up trash on your walk

50. Repurpose items – use what you have



Here are some eco-friendly posts from Our Fairfield Home & Garden! Click on the image to see more information!

DIY hose guides

Turn cast-off curtain rods into hose guides!

raised planting beds

Repurpose shutters into raised planting beds for free!





DIY mulching

Use pine needles, shredded leaves and grass clippings for mulch!

dormant oil spray

Make you own dormant oil spray to kill plant pests for pennies!



Anyone can compost! Vermicomposting is perfect for in-home or apartment use as it takes very litle space!

recycled birdbath

Birdbath from recycled materials

save seeds

Save and swap seeds from your garden!










Earth Day Projects With The Garden Charmers



What do you do to green your home, your yard and your community? I’d love to hear your ideas too! Thanks! Barb

2 Responses so far.

  1. Feral Turtle says:

    Excellent tips. We do so much of this already. We purchased old water tanks from my farming family and collect a lot of rainwater every year. One of the best investments we ever made!

    • Barb says:

      I love your resourceful tip, too, Feral Turtle! Just think if everyone did 50 things to recycle or conserve!


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