Hidden birdhouses in the garden

Rustic birdhouse tucked behind coneflowers for a protected entrance

Tucking birdhouses in all around the garden will create your own wild aviary! Many of the birdhouses in our garden were picked up inexpensively (look for sales at the end of the summer season) or found at garage and yard sales. My husband, Len , and I love to grab a bagel and coffee and head off to the yard sales most Saturday mornings from late spring through the fall. You wouldn’t believe some of the great stuff I get for our garden!

Some of my favorite birdhouse perches in our backyard are on the fence posts. Entwined with Sweet Autumn Clematis is a little log cabin I picked up at a yard sale for only one dollar! There’s a darling little Carolina Wren couple who have set up housekeeping there this year. Their warbling and fussing, when I am weeding the adjacent flowerbed, are music to my ears.¬†Another lovely garage sale find is this white¬†Victorian birdhouse, from a summer sale trek last year, mounted on another of the fence posts.



Log Cabin Birdhouse

Victorian-style birdhouse

Clay Pot Birdhouses

Attached or hung in the tall pines, on the side of our house, on an arbor or trellis, or even in a window box or flowerbed – everywhere you look in our yard you’ll spot a birdhouse or two. Some are decorative, most are functional, but I learned long ago that the birds are the ones who decide which is which!

Birdhouses nestled in pine trees

Star-shaped birdhouse on a trellis









Give them shelter, a few water and feeding stations throughout your garden and sit back to watch the show!

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