Creating relaxing places to chat in your garden

Relax in the shade to reflect on your garden Creating seating nooks in your garden serves several purposes. First, there will be a place to sit down and survey your progress as you go about your gardening tasks. You will also have a comfortable place to entertain guests in your garden as you talk about the plantings and swap information. But don’t forget that creating a vignette with  lawn chairs, a bistro set or a vintage bench says, “Welcome, come stay a while.”  It draws folks into your space as well as creates a focal point for your garden.

Cozy porch swings are great for morning coffee

Cozy porch swing for relaxing with your morning coffee

Although our garden is not large, it contains lots of opportunities to linger. One of my favorites is actually on the front porch. Here we have a porch swing and bench that are always in the shade and under cover from the elements. This is where I have my morning coffee most days, watch the birds bathing in our fountain, come in out of the sun for a rest on a hot day or chat with the neighbors.

Creating garden vignettes using vintage chairs or benches add color and curb appeal

Front yard lawn chairs add curb appeal

Vintage bench adds color and interest in a drab spot

Seating also adds curb appeal to your garden and catches people’s’ eyes as they pass. I can’t tell you how many times this summer I have had evening strollers comment on the white lawn chairs out front. They add that little extra element to your landscape.

Creating vignettes in the garden using vintage chairs or benches can add color in a drab spot or interest where it is difficult to grow flowering plants. We have a deep shade area, under a holly, right next to the house where nothing can be planted because of cables and wires coming into the house. This is just the spot where I set an antique settee given to me by a friend. Placing a pot of flowers, some gardening gloves and a birdhouse on it provides that otherwise shady ivy area with seasonal color and interest.

And I haven’t even mentioned the deck or our gazebo here – they will get an entry of their own one day soon!

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  1. Melody says:

    You have been busy! Your site has tons of stuff on it – it has a great layout and interesting articles. I’m impressed!

    • Barb says:

      Thanks so much, Melody! My daughter, Meg, did a fantastic job setting up the website/blog – I can only claim the writing and pictures! She is fantastic, isn’t she? Happy you stopped by and hope you’ll be a frequent visitor ~ lots more to come!

  2. barbara nutt says:

    i just located your beautiful lawn and garden , it really caught my eye , i was also born in a very small town of Fairfield , in Ky i love all that you have done with you home, and what you call small. thanks for sharing.

    • Barb says:

      We are both Fairfield lovers and… Barbaras! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to write me. Happy you enjoyed your stroll through our garden! I hope you’ll subscribe, much more to come!


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