Fresh Flower Basket for May Day or Mother’s Day!

May Flowers

Fresh May Flowers from your garden!

Don’t spend money at the florist for May baskets or Mother’s Day. Gather your own beautiful blooms! Each year I keep on the lookout for new baskets on clearance or gently used from garage sales to make my floral arrangements. These pretty metal hearts I picked up for a song at a yard sale last summer. I’ve brought them out now to show you how pretty your own bouquets can be.

If the basket you use is not watertight, place wetted floral foam cut to size into a plastic storage bag. Fit this into your basket out of sight. Now, take a stroll around your spring garden, gathering as you go. If you don’t have garden space or flowers of your own, an inexpensive floral mix from the grocery store will do just fine.

For this one-sided arrangement, I put Hosta leaves in the back, then added small branches of blooming Kerria, Tulips, Narcissus and Grape Hyacinths for a touch of blue. Hang your arrangement on the front door in place of a wreath. Kept watered, it will last in the cool spring days for a week or more. Or hang the basket from the door handle for a pretty touch.

Happy May Flowers!



fresh flowers

Hang your fresh flowers in a pretty metal basket on the door handle!

Fresh flowers

Add another hanging heart to decorate the door!

Fresh Flowers

Tulips, Kerria, Narcissus, Hosta leaves and Grape Hyacinths make a cheerful arrangement!

Floral basket

A cheery floral basket to decorate the front door!

May Flowers

Here’s last year’s May flowers! Click for the article!



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