Field Trip ~ Country Lane Succulents, New Holland, PA

If you are headed to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for a day trip or vacation, get off the main road and find this rural gem. Only a few miles from the tourist attractions, Country Lane Succulents will be a stop you will remember!

Country Lane Succulents

Make sure you stop and visit Country Lane Succulents!

Located at 152 Snyder Drive, New Holland, PA 17557, Country Lane Succulents is an amazing find for any avid gardener. Lancaster County is already known for its many greenhouses and plant growers, but Country Lane has a dizzying amount of succulents all displayed in imaginative ways. The ladies who tend this greenhouse have raised it to an art form.


Country Lane Succulents

Down this lane you’ll find wonderful succulent collections for sale!

Country Lane Succulents

Farm horses at rest in the pasture.

A field of pumpkins, a flourishing vegetable garden and lovely flowerbeds welcome you down the country lane.


Country Lane Succulents

Country Lane flowerbed

Along the side of the barn, huge boulders have been stacked into a wall. Tucked into the crevices and pocket spaces are many varieties of hardy succulents.

Country Lane Succulents

Succulents are planted in the cracks of the barn’s wall of stacked boulders.

Rusty, crusty items such as old wagons and bikes are a wonderful contrast to the defined, florets and whorls of the sedums and succulents they are planted with.

Country Lane Succulents

A rusty wagon planter chock full of succulents.

Country Lane Succulents

Farm equipment adds a rustic touch.

Farm equipment and tools are used in the displays by the barn wall, each one more creative than the last!

Country Lane Succulents

A wooden cart with a wooden crate filled with succulents.

Succulents planted in bicycle baskets add a unique touch to this vintage bike planter.

Country Lane Succulents

Bicycle baskets filled with succulents!

Country Lane Succulents

A planter with a farming touch!

Everywhere you look are succulents in arrangements for sale. If you don’t find what you want in all these lovely plantings, the owners will graciously plant up a container of your choosing or one you’ve brought from home!

There’s a small greenhouse used to start and keep the less cold-hardy succulents during the winter months. But most are out on their summer vacation all around the farm today.

Country Lane Succulents

Green Roof Birdhouse

Under the grape vine draped pergola on the porch, many houseplants and annuals are tucked into repurposed containers. My favorite was the vintage laundry tubs filled with individual pots of shade-lovers.

Country Lane Succulents

Houseplants & Annuals planted in vintage laundry tubs on the porch.

Country Lane Succulents

Blue & White plates and bottles

On the porch, you’ll find many imaginative combinations of annuals and succulents in unusual containers for sale.

Country Lane Succulents

Succulents & annuals in unusual containers!

Vintage finds, driftwood and succulents adorn a flowerbed on the walk to the greenhouse.

Country Lane Succulents

flowerbed full of vintage finds and succulents

Old roasting pans, dust pans and rusty chairs become something special when planted with succulents and grouped together.

Country Lane Succulents

Succulent plantings on a rusty chair

And, how about this gazebo made from an old corn crib? Isn’t it wonderful? Planted with several different kinds of Clematis, it provides a cool,shady place from which to survey the farm. Filled with repurposed doors, shutters, tables and seats, this is a great place to sit a spell and soak up inspirations.

I know I’ll be back! Country Lane Succulents is a must-see destination if you get the chance!

Country Lane Succulents

Clematis covers the Corn Crib Gazebo


4 Responses so far.

  1. Lor says:

    Almost as if you entered a different world! So many treasures for gardeners in Lancaster County. What a gem that place is!

  2. Lorri Rauscher says:

    What a cool place to go and visit.I’m sure you have lots of ideas ….looking forward to see what you made for yr lovely garden.



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