DIY ~ Basket Bouquet For Cheap!

DIY ~ Basket Bouquet

Make Professional-Looking Arrangements for Cheap!

I’m sure you have received a pretty basket of flowers for some special occasion and then wondered what to do when the flowers are finished? The basket is too nice to toss, what to do? Make yourself a Basket Bouquet for next to nothing, that’s what!

Here is the basket I had sitting in the laundry room. Dinner guests were coming and I wanted some pretty flowers for the table without spending a lot. That oasis looked pretty tired. So I ….

DIY Basket Bouquet

Don’t throw it out! Reuse it!



DIY Basket Bouquet

TURN IT OVER!! You now have fresh oasis to use!

TURNED IT OVER!! Now the oasis is ready for new flowers and another two or three arrangements!

Mix 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and granulated sugar with water and soak the oasis before adding flowers. Refresh daily to help keep your blooms looking pretty.

For this dinner party with a patriotic theme, I wanted red, white and blue flowers. Alstroemeria and Baby’s Breath bought at the farmer’s market provided the red and white. Blue Hydrangeas cut from our garden added the blue. I spent only $6.00 for a fresh floral bouquet that could easily cost $50 or $60 dollars at the florist!

DIY Basket Bouquet

Basket Bouquet Materials ~ fresh flowers, wet oasis in a basket and scissors are all you will need!

Insert the Blue Hydrangeas first, a couple in the top and each of the sides, depending on how big the blooms are. Leave a few leaves on each piece. The oasis should not show when you are finished.

Then add in the Alstroemeria, tucking it down into the oasis between Hydrangea blooms.

Last, poke in the Baby’s Breath. Turn the basket as you add flowers to keep your colors evenly distributed.

DIY Basket Bouquet

Basket Bouquet ~ place Hydrangeas first, then tuck in Alstroemeria and Baby’s Breath

I worked outside on the picnic table for easy clean-up. And here is the finished basket which took less than 15 minutes to put together!

Our guests were surprised to hear that this lovely centerpiece was not commercially made! Don’t you love professional-looking results for less?

DIY Basket Bouquet

Basket Bouquet filled with Alstroemeria, Baby’s Breath and Blue Hydrangeas from our garden!

This red, white and blue bouquet was perfect for our Fourth of July barbecue dinner party. You can make this idea fit any party or decor by simply changing the flower color choices. * Do be aware that fresh garden flowers don’t always last as long as florist flowers that have been conditioned in chemicals. I suggest you pick them the same day you make your bouquet.

Patriotic Bouquet

A red, white and blue Patriotic Bouquet!



4 Responses so far.

  1. Just lovely, Barb! Thank you for so many helpful tips. I’ve never thought of turning over the oasis when I reuse it! Enjoy your red, white & blue bouquet… and the nice memories of your holiday dinner! ♡

    • Barb says:

      Yes, that was a simple little trick I have been using for years and thought I’d share! I remember thinking, “Why didn’t I do this before?” when it crossed my mind!

  2. jaine gayer says:

    Beautiful and so patriotic!


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