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Road Trip ~ Lancaster County Greenhouses

Never Enough Rosemary!

 Spring is now officially here, because my friend and I have made the first trek to our favorite Lancaster County greenhouses in Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. We started out at Lone Pine Nursery, which is Amish-owned and operated, on a family farm. Not only do you find wonderful plants at bargain prices, the ladies of the family

A Visit to Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza 2015

Longwood Gardens Orchid

February is the longest, shortest month of the year. Winter is dragging its heels, the wind is blowing and the landscape is bleak. What a wonderful time for a dose of spring encapsulated in a four-acre conservatory at Longwood Gardens. The annual Orchid Extravaganza is in full bloom now through March 29th. Thousands of orchids, spring

Unexpected Garden Accents

Unexpected Garden Accents ~ the making of a unique garden

 Unexpected Garden Accents Unexpected garden accents are those unique additions to a garden that you’ve never seen before. They can be beautiful, practical, whimsical and make you want to run home and recreate the idea, or say, “What were they thinking?” And, each of these special touches reveals the gardener and stamps the garden with

Field Trip ~ Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens

opening bloom

Longwood Gardens Chrysanthemum Festival just began this week and runs through November 23rd! Many of you readers aren’t able to get there, so I took lots of pictures to share ~ a mini tour. Although you aren’t there in person, just imagine walking into a huge conservatory filled with chrysanthemums of every kind everywhere you

Field Trip: Potting Bench From A Dresser! (and other ideas gathered in Lancaster County, PA)

Potting Bench from a dresser

My husband and I just took a rambling road trip through the backroads of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Stopping along the way at roadside stands and small shops, we happened upon some wonderful ideas for the garden. Let me share them with you! One of my favorite ideas gathered on this trip was the potting

Field Trip ~ Mt. Cuba Center’s 10th Annual Wildflower Celebration

  Seventy years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Lammont du Pont Copeland bought a neglected farmland property that they would transform into a stellar Piedmont garden, now the Mt. Cuba Center. Over 500 acres, this botanical garden is now devoted to preserving native plant species and natural habitats. Research and education are primary goals of the


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