Vintage Button Wreath Ornament ~ a DIY in your sewing basket!

Button Wreath Ornament

Vintage Button Wreath Ornament

 Love to make and give handmade gifts, watching your budget, or want to stay far from the maddening crowds this time of year? Well, here’s a little do-it-yourself gift project that has been just waiting for you! Vintage Button Wreath Ornaments that are pretty, nostalgic and easy to make. Get out that button box and sewing notions passed down from your mom or grandmom and let’s get busy!

(Materials: buttons, lightweight cardboard, craft glue, lace, felt, scissors, wire hanger and ribbon)



Button Wreath Ornament

Make a template by tracing two circles using a glass or small bowl.

 A glass or small bowl will work perfectly to create a circle pattern/template. I used a small glass and traced the top onto paper for the outer rim and its bottom for the inner rim. Cut out this pattern. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be gluing a lot of lace and buttons onto your little wreath. You don’t have to be a perfectionist here!

 Trace and cut out circles (one per wreath) using a thin cardboard, like you get in shirt packages, or anything about that weight.

 Cut and glue a piece of eyelet lace on the outer part of your cardboard circle. This will be the back of the wreath.

Now comes the fun part! Turn the wreath over and pile on the buttons using craft glue. Use color combinations according to your imagination and what you have on hand.

Using your drawn template, cut out a piece of white felt to finish the back of the ornament. Attach with a craft glue that dries clear.

Making a Button Wreath Ornament

Finish the back of the Button Wreath with felt

Add a little bow and a wire hanger and your button wreath ornament is ready to decorate a Christmas tree or special gift!

Finished Button Wreaths

Finished Vintage Button Wreaths

Red Ribboned Button Wreath

Red Ribboned Vintage Button Wreath

Green Ribboned Button Wreath

Green Ribboned Vintage Button Wreath

 Look closely. Vintage buttons pick up the light so beautifully! All are old friends saved in my grandmother’s sewing basket; snipped from clothing destined for rag rugs, braided chair cushions and a grandchild’s play.

Waste not, want not and use what you have! Have a lovely old-fashioned Christmas!

Button Wreath Ornament

Those pearly white buttons really pick up the light and will look wonderful on your tree!

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  1. Erlene says:

    I don’t have a lot of buttons, but I know I have other things to decorate this ornament with. Would love if you came and shared this on the Merry Monday Link Party tonight at 6pm PST.

  2. Lor says:

    I’ll be the first to say it – these are cute as a button!


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