Newark Garden Tour ~ 2013

Yesterday, June 8th, was the Newark Garden Tour sponsored by the Newark Arts Alliance. Fourteen amazing gardens were open for visiting and made for a day of inspiration. This diverse collection of gardens covered the gamut from vegetable gardens, habitat gardens, sculpture gardens, water gardens, to sunny and shade gardens. There was definitely something for everyone’s personal tastes and interests. Our only problem was that there were too many gardens for us to tour in the five hours allotted and we had to miss two! What a good problem to have though.

An extra bonus was that each garden was unique and many of the homeowners were present to identify plantings and tell us the story of their own garden’s evolution. It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their garden and it was wonderful to get to know these gardeners through their planting efforts. Even though there had been downpours the day before, you would never have known it, every plant was fluffed , trimmed and ready for viewing. Except for a few puddles here and there and some wet grass, the gardeners had righted any mishaps caused by the weather.

A lovely day in the gardens, then home full of ideas to put to use in my own!

For more information:

The Newark Arts Alliance



Here are just a few of the many wonderful sights we saw! ——



Water Lily

Water Lily



Old Spring House

Old Spring House

Dried Gourd Accents

Dried Gourd Accents

2 Responses so far.

  1. Cathy says:

    Great pictures, Barb!!! Would love to have been with you…
    Do you by chance know what that is growing in the bottom part of the picture of the black rocking chairs on the porch?
    Thanks for the wonderful post today!

    • Barb says:

      Thanks for writing, Cathy! It was a day of inspiration for sure, wish you could have seen it all in person. This is just a snippet of what we saw. I believe that is a little trimmed barberry, if you are talking about the flower bed. If you mean the planter it is a dwarf Alberta Spruce, a blue rug juniper and geraniums.
      Happy Gardening!


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