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    May Garden

    A May Garden at Our Fairfield Home & Garden

    April showers brought May flowers a little later this year. But now they are putting on their annual show, waking us all from the doldrums that set in over that long winter. Unfortunately, there was die-back in some of our hydrangeas and we lost all the butterfly bushes, a fig tree and a vitex. But with failure comes opportunity, and I’ll be putting in more native and hardy shrubs to replace them. A yellow-twig dogwood, another “Miss Kim” lilac, fothergillas and bridal wreath will take their places in the garden.

    Yesterday I planted up the bike planter with trailing geraniums and sweet potato vine. The cheery polka-dotted and checkered ribbon streamers wave gently in the breeze.

    Neighbor children are stopping by daily to visit the fairy garden in the front flower bed to investigate what the wee folk are doing. Those tiny occupants are very busy and have added on weekly to their little home on the wood.

    The bees are now buzzing, the hummingbird feeders hung and birds are busy with their new broods. Everything is swathed in new spring green, fresh and new.


    Bigroot Geranium

    Bigroot Geranium ~ a hardy, perennial geranium

    Iris Bloom

    Iris Bloom

    Bike Planter

    Bike Planter with trailing geraniums and sweet potato vine



    Pink Columbine

    Pink Columbine

    Tree Peony

    Tree Peony

    Red Azalea

    Red Azalea

    Garden Rabbit

    Garden rabbit in the Thalia Narcissus.


    Star Magnolia

    Star Magnolia Bloom


    Dicentra “Gold Heart” ~ Bleeding Heart

    Wood Poppy

    Wood Poppy


    Fothergilla ~ a native shrub


    Tulips are fading

    Fairy Home

    New neighbors have moved in!


    Wisteria from the woods



4 Responses so far.

  1. Heather says:

    A tour of your garden is always inspiring! We lost our butterfly bush too – second year in a row. Darn.

    Your garden seems to be about two weeks ahead of ours – the irises are just budding now.

    • Barb says:

      Hi, Heather! Even though our garden is two weeks ahead of you, it is about two weeks behind where it usually is this time in May!

  2. Feral Turtle says:

    Gorgeous pictures Barb!


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