Field Trip: Winterthur’s Faerie Garden at Enchanted Woods

Entering the World of Faerie

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days, and one of the most wonderful of all, The Enchanted Woods of Winterthur, is near my home in Wilmington, Delaware. See the complete album of pictures from today’s trip on Inspiring Gardens.

As you enter the gates, a warning is given to never enter the Forbidden Faerie Ring or you may not be seen again in this world! My friend, Renee’, and I heeded the warning and wound our way along the path to a house made from a fallen Tulip Tree. Complete with a tiny hinged door and carved wooden chairs, this witch’s hat-thatched hut launches your imagination.

Nearby, we come across the Upside-Down Tree in a small clearing. Upon closer inspection,we discover a tiny faerie door and a window looking into the faerie home. Now we know that faeries are afoot !

Tulip Tree House

Faerie Door

Faerie window






Following the melodic sounds of water brings us to Frog Hollow with a picturesque stone bridge, pond and working pump over a spilling trough. Large turtles keep watch over the area as we pass, following the stone path through the woods to a giant bird’s nest with huge, carved wooden eggs.

Through the woven nest, we spy the Faerie Cottage made of stone and thatch that beckons. Inside the shelter, the faeries have a pot on the fire and a cozy Acorn Tea Room ready for their meal. They must have left in haste; a broom has been dropped on the hearth!

Frog Hollow

Bird’s Nest

Faerie Cottage






Next, we spot the Gathering Green and Faerie Flower Labyrinth and come to the Troll Bridge. We scamper across, afraid to peek underneath for fear of finding the troll at home!

More trickling water can be heard and we encounter an enchanted frog prince. From his perch he keeps vigil over the Forbidden Faerie Ring. The entire ring is made of giant carved stumps. If you are careless and step into the faerie ring, a mist of water envelopes you. Jump away quickly or you may disappear into the faeries’ world … unless that is your plan!

Troll Bridge

Frog Hollow

Forbidden Faerie Ring



See the complete album of pictures from today’s trip on Inspiring Gardens

Swirled stump planter

Vibrant day lily

Gorgeous hydrangea

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