Featured Artist : HollyBeth Anderson, Artisan Herbalist

HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury line … perfect for an organic gift basket

You know that wonderful scent of lavender that is given off as you gently brush by a shrub? Somehow HollyBeth Anderson has captured that exact aroma in her all-natural hand cream. I couldn’t stop holding my hands up and inhaling the sense of nature at my fingertips! This wonderful cream is only one of her artisan skin care products that are all vegan, gluten and chemical free.

HollyBeth combines organic ingredients to develop luxurious, handcrafted products that soothe, nurture and pamper your skin. Using traditional homeopathic remedies from around the world, HollyBeth creates unique products that care for your skin – and the environment – in a pure, gentle and beautiful way. HollyBeth makes her certified organic products with love and passion in an old cotton warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

HollyBeth and I became acquainted through her wonderful Birdbath Soup Blog. Her knowledgeable write-ups of flowers and herbs and their natural healing qualities are very educational. Plus, she is quite a photographer! Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a sampling of this wonderful organic skin care line from HollyBeth and started testing the products immediately. Let me tell you a bit more about each one I tried. They were amazing!

Lemon Lime Shea Butter, Marigold Cleanser & Snowflake Lip Balm in the guest bathroom with flowers from my garden

First, I smoothed the Lemon Lime Shea Butter on to my garden-weary feet and elbows. It glided on, leaving a delightful citrus afterglow. A little goes a very long way and, I can see, that the generous two-ounce jar will last some time. The cream literally melts into your skin and absorbs quite quickly, leaving a healthy glow without any greasy residue.

The Marigold Cleanser creates a lovely white foam from aloe castile soap . It is nicely scented and rinses away easily. My face felt clean and smooth, not dry as it does with many other cleansers. Gentle enough for babies and even folks who have sensitive skin, this is a find!

Now I have to admit to being a bit of a Chap-Stick junkie, but after one swipe, I am ready to toss my old tube for HollyBeth’s Snowflake Lip Balm. No waxy feel at all, this lip balm is smooth and light. It can be applied alone or with my regular lipstick.

The Grits & Honey Scrub smells good enough to eat as I gently wash my face with a warm wash cloth. Now, my face is cleansed, so it’s time to smooth on the Rose Geranium Moisturizer. Again, only a tiny amount is needed to refresh my whole face and neck. And what a subtle floral scent! This is as good as a trip to the spa!

On to the Citrus All Over Cream and the Orange Chocolate Peppermint Shea Butter. Believe me, with the amount of time I spend outdoors in the summer, I have lots of dry skin! These two creams were both refreshing and beautifully scented. Although my skin had the look of a summer sunshine glow, it was not oily or greasy after applying any of these products.

Citrus All Over Cream & Lavender Hand Cream make a nice display on my bathroom shelf

Best of all, HollyBeth’s beauty and skin care products are made by hand, from local and organic supplies. Therapeutic grade essential oils are used and all ingredients are certified USDA Organic. I can now see why her products have been featured in Eco-Chic, Organic Spa, People Style Watch, In Style and Southern Living, just to name a few.

I am sold. I like the idea of using natural, cruelty-free skin products that are environmentally sustainable. And, better yet, I know the person who makes every batch herself! Get to know HollyBeth and her wonderful creations yourself by checking out her website, blog and Pinterest boards. Let’s get naturally beautiful together!

Everything you need to rejuvenate after a day of gardening

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