DIY Project : Make Your Own Birdbath !

diy birdbath

Make your own unique bird bath!

Recently, I wrote a post on using odds and ends  around the house and shed to assemble a five-minute bird bath. It was quite a hit with the shabby-chic crowd, but some folks want a newer, neater look. So here it is!

This project took a total of three hours to complete, but about half that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry. Here’s what you’ll need: some leftover exterior paint (you know, from all those dribs and drabs sitting around in the basement!), a paint brush, a clay or plastic plant saucer (I used a 14 1/2 inch diameter saucer), a flower pot, a garden knick-knack and an old wooden step stool.

First ~ lay newspaper or a drop cloth down, place the stool on it and give all surfaces showing a first coat of paint. Let it dry to the touch (20 – 30 minutes)

Then turn the step stool over and do all underside surfaces and let them dry.

Next, give the top surfaces all a second coat of paint and let dry.

Last, turn the stool over and do the second coat on the underside and let dry.

You have now done all the hardest parts of this project! When the stool is thoroughly dry, set the saucer and embellishments on top and fill with water! Ta Da, you have a unique bird bath you made yourself, in a color you like and didn’t spend much money doing it either!

diy birdbath

Step # 1 ~ Getting the project started.

diy birdbath

Step # 2 ~ After applying the first coat of paint.

diy birdbath

Step # 3 ~ Ready to assemble.

diy birdbath

Completed bird bath on our deck!

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