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    ~ Birdhouse Rake ~ https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/diy-project-repurposed-rakes/

    ~ Birdhouse Rake ~

    At a recent rummage sale I picked up two vintage bamboo rakes. Of course, Len asked me what I was going to do with them. My standard answer is ,”A project”. So here the project is!

    A  floppy rose needing  a trellis and some drain pipes I wanted covered gave me the opportunity to put those rakes to use. The  first rake fit nicely into the rose pot and became its trellis. A pretty bird house added with twine gave the whole thing a little pizzazz. To camouflage some of the drain pipe on the other side of the garage, I tied the rake to the front and added another birdhouse.

    Voila! I have garden accents that cost only three dollars (I already had the birdhouses) and make a nice display on either side of our garage. It doesn’t get much easier than that!



    Birdhouse rake by the garage https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/diy-project-repurposed-rakes/

    Birdhouse rake by the garage

    birdhouse rake https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/diy-project-repurposed-rakes/

    birdhouse rake


    Rake decor https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/diy-project-repurposed-rakes/

    Rake decor

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