DIY Project ~ Design a Rustic Cottage Getaway … in a Terrarium!

Terrarium DIY

My tiny rustic cottage in a terrarium

Recently, I found a tiny little porcelain cottage at a garage sale and decided it needed a terrarium to call home. Not much is happening outside in the garden this time of year, so working in my garden room has to satisfy my green thumb for the time being.

Making a terrarium is a quick and easy project with magical results. This project took me about an hour, and that includes taking the pictures to share with you!

So, gather up your materials and join me in some inside gardening. here are all the steps to make your very own terrarium.



Terrarium DIY

Materials : a container, pebbles, potting soil, deactivated charcoal, a couple small plants (I used Dwarf Flag and South African Squill), moss, a figurine or miniature to personalize your piece.

Terrarium DIY

Step 1 ~ Put an inch of pebbles in the bottom of your container and sprinkle a few tablespoons of charcoal on top

Terrarium DIY

Step 2 ~ Put in the potting soil, wet it and add the plants

Terrarium DIY

Step 3 ~ top with moss gathered from the woods or yard

Terrarium DIY

Finished ~ a tiny rustic cottage home in a terrarium

Terrarium DIY

A close-up of my cottage terrarium … so cute!

6 Responses so far.

  1. KAREN says:

    love this soo cute

  2. That is so wonderful! I love that it looks like it’s own little world in there!

    • Barb says:

      That’s the idea, Danni! In a terrarium you can create an ideal garden, a magical place. The beauty of it is how small and contained it is and so out of proportion with our real world!

  3. Emma Briggs says:

    Terrariums are one of my favorite ways to add a little outdoor life to the home. And The best thing about them is how easy they are to make.


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