DIY Project ~ Create a Woodland-Inspired Wreath or Centerpiece for the Holidays on the Cheap!

Use festive greens and spray-painted seed pods to create a gorgeous … and inexpensive … wreath or centerpiece for the holidays!

The latest DCH workshop was a huge success! As we entered, rack after rack of every green you can imagine and a huge display of woodland and garden accents greeted us. Christmas music and refreshments quickly put everyone in the holiday spirit, not to mention the lovely aroma of all those fresh greens. DCH staff and volunteers had trimmed from the grounds, their friends’ yards and their own gardens to provide us with an amazing array of choices to make a centerpiece or wreath.

Getting right down to business, Mary Szewczyk demonstrated the basics of creating a centerpiece and Pat Boyd gave instructions on wreath making. Then we were all turned loose to gather materials that appealed to us and get started under the helpful guidance of several DCH staff , Mary and Pat. What a fun evening it was, with each participant creating a custom holiday decoration to take home.

Plans to add candles to her amazing centerpiece!

What a twist with fruit mixed with greens!

A mother-daughter designed wreath for the front door!

A gorgeous finished mixed greens wreath. Follow the steps below on gathering materials and assembling your own masterpiece!

All you need to make a wreath ~ a wreath form, pins and lots of interesting greens and woodland accents … and maybe a bit of spray-paint to liven up your creation.

Woodland greens galore

Seed pods sprayed gold

Seed pods sprayed silver

Pin the greens into the wreath form and be creative with your combinations!

How a boxwood wreath looks under construction.

An elegant woodland wreath designed for the front door with a beautiful gold bow to add festivity for the holidays!

A creative centerpiece designed with magnolia leaves, variegated holly with berries and pine cones … what a beautiful combination!

Start with an oasis in a container, add a variety of greens and accents.

Pin the magnolia and greens as the base.

Add additional variegated greens and berry accents to the base.

Mary Szewczyk ~ DCH volunteer and our centerpiece guru

Pat Boyd ~ DCH volunteer and our wreath making guru

This DCH workshop inspired me to decorate a milk can at home! So much fun!

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