DIY ~ Garden Hose Wreaths

 DIY ~ Garden Hose Wreaths

Hose Wreath Materials

Hose Wreath Materials ~ about 12 feet of garden hose, garden accents, silk flowers and ribbon



 I have been wanting to make hose wreaths for some time now. Unfortunately, all our garden hoses are in good shape, so I actually broke down and bought a 25 foot garden hose! It was held together with four large, black twist ties which I reused in the project.

First, I loosened the hose, found what appeared to be the middle and cut it. Next, I gently unwound the two separate pieces into the size circles I wanted and bound each with a twist tie. Finally, the fun part! I held up the flowers and garden accents until I thought they looked just right and fastened them to the wreath with a twist tie and ribbon. No glue needed!

 As you probably know by now, I am wild for birdhouses. This sweet decorative one was a gift from a friend and perfect for the center of my first wreath. Reusing one of the large twist ties that was packaged with the hose, I secured the flowers, birdhouse and burlap ribbon to the wreath. This way I can change them out as I please!

Hose Wreath with Birdhouse

Hose Wreath with Birdhouse

 For the second wreath, I used a 25-cent decorative watering can picked up at a garage sale as the focal point. Colorful Dollar Store gardening gloves, silk flowers and a tool were tied on with polka-dotted ribbon. I love the bright yellows and reds against the green hose, don’t you?

So now I have two pretty wreaths for about an hour of my time and less than twenty dollars!

Hose Wreath with Watering Can

Hose Wreath with Watering Can

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  1. Lyn Edington says:

    I LOVE these! Hello Spring!

  2. Arleen says:


    I love the wreath with the gardening gloves!


  3. Cute stuff here. A fun idea!


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