New Tools ~ Spring Gardening at Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Recently, I was contacted by a new family run business named Emerging Green, offering me some of their garden tools to try out in the garden. Of course I said, “Yes” and was eager to give them a spring road test.
Upon arrival, I unboxed a large Hori Knife in its own sheath and a pair of garden gloves, one with claws! Strapping that sheath on my belt, I did feel a bit like Crocodile Dundee ready to subdue the Australian bush. Turns out, it was a blast to use, too.

New Tools

New Hori Knife and Clawed Garden Gloves from Emerging Green.

Our garden has a multitude of wild onions this spring but they were no match for the Hori Knife! There’s something very satisfying about digging these little buggers up easily – roots, bulbs and all!

New Tools

Wild Onions are easily removed with the Hori Knife.

Cutting into the soil down to six inches, this Hori Knife is super handy for planting and transplanting in the garden. Its serrated blade helps cut through tough soil like our heavy clay here at Our Fairfield Home and Garden.

New Tools

You can dig down six inches with this sturdy Hori Knife!

You know those sweet little potted bulbs that folks give you as a gift or you buy as a whim at the grocery when you’re longing for spring? Don’t toss them! Marked in both inches and centimeters, the Hori Knife can dig down to their perfect planting depth. Tete-a-Tetes that brought cheerful color inside are now planted and will look lovely again in the garden next spring.

New Tools

Planting bulbs with the Hori Knife.

Plucking new sedums for replanting was fun with the clawed glove. Only the right-side glove is clawed. The left side is a regular garden glove. Having both makes it easy to dig with one and still have the dexterity to pick up smaller items with the other. Not ever having long nails to begin with, using the clawed glove took a little getting used to, but I got the hang of it quickly.

New Tools

Plucking some baby sedum to replant with the clawed gloves.

The right-hand glove has “claws” that are great for digging small holes, plucking shallow-rooted weeds and making planting rows for seeds.

New Tools

The claws on the right glove dig right into the soil.

Every spring we get those little “volunteers” that pop up in the wrong places after self-seeding. Do you? This Hori is perfect for lifting out, getting all the roots and then digging a new hole to replant them. There are always little columbines and dicentra to move in our garden, and this is a great tool for doing just that.

New Tools

Transplanting an errant dicentra with the Hori Knife.

In a matter of minutes I popped a dozen strawberry plants into the garden! I’m really tickled with how easily the Hori Knife digs into soil.

New Tools

Popping in strawberry plants with the new Hori Knife!

Dividing ornamental grass was a breeze with the Hori knife!

Clumping ornamental grasses and hostas are always tricky to divide with my gardening spade or hand trowel. It was a breeze to dig up and separate this clump of carex.

The Hori Knife’s serrated blade edge also made short work of trimming the floppy old leaves off Hellebores. It is sturdy enough to cut through smaller branches on shrubs and perennial stems, too.

The Hori knife’s sharp edge is perfect for trimming!

I would recommend trying out these garden tools in your own garden as I found them to be well made and very handy. You can read more about Emerging Green’s company at their website : or go straight to Amazon and purchaseĀ  theĀ Hori Garden Knife with Sheath & Gardening Gloves set for under $30 here:

(By the way, I don’t get paid for reviewing these products or get a commission on sales.)


2 Responses so far.

  1. Russ Wilkinson says:

    We have had a hori knife for about 10 years now. Cathy won it at a flower show. We love it and use it all the time but be very careful using it. It is so sharp that we had couple of cuts on our hands and lost a couple of plants through not being quite careful enough at first. The gloves look very interesting too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Barb says:

      Yes, I’m glad that the Hori Knife comes with its own sheath, Russ & Cathy! I can see that it needs to be handled mindfully!


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