Make Your Own Plant Supports

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Make your own plant supports ~ no more floppy flowers!

Need something to hold up your floppy flowers and shocked at the price of commercially made plant supports? Make your own plant supports from tomato cages for next to nothing!

I picked up used tomato cages in different sizes at a recent yard sale for a couple bucks. Some were a little bent and wonky, so I straightened them the best I could with pliers.

Using a wire cutter, I scored and then separated the cages as seen in the diagram below. To fancy up the cut ends, I used pliers to bend the wire. You could also add beads or other fun touches.

Get one very tall support by just cutting the top ring off a tomato cage and then bending the cut ends. By cutting as the diagram shows, I got one taller and one shorter support.

Even if you buy the tomato cages new, they are only a couple dollars each, and the paint cost me five dollars. So, I spent seven dollars total and made eight supports (gave one to a friend).

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Make plant supports from a tomato cage.

Now, lay some newspaper down and spray your plant supports with the color of your choice. I wanted my supports to blend into the garden, but you could use bright colors for an accent. Make sure the spray paint you use is for metal and has primer in it. I used Krylon in Emerald Green for this project.

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Spray paint your plant supports with a rust resistant metal paint.

Here’s seven of the plant supports I finished. Some were just painted, others I fancied up with curled ends before painting them. You can make your supports for the height you need.

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Finished plant supports ready to be put to work in the garden.

Plant supports are great for use in the garden to lift vegetable plants, like zucchini and yellow squash, off the soil.

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Use your plant supports for vegetables in the garden.

Floppy flowering, tall annuals or perennials? This little DIY-ed support takes care of that easily and attractively.

Make Your Own Plant Supports

Plant support for a tea rose in the garden.

Here is one of my homemade plant supports surrounding a peony plant in the garden. You can leave these in place all year, marking where the plant is, or store the plant supports in your garden shed or garage during winter.

Make Your Own Plant Suppots

Peony support made from a tomato cage.

So, for a few dollars and a bit of your time, you can make your own plant supports that are great to use with tall flowering or vegetable plants.

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  1. Lorri says:

    What a smart idea!!! I do use tomato cages for my tomatoes but never thought of trimming them for my them but they sure get straggly. Great for peonies .. I always forget to use my peony ring. I find it awkward to use…probably the reason I dont use it. I love looking at your garden. I must admit I have used many of your ideas. They say imitation is one form of flattery.

    • Barb says:

      Thanks, Lori! So happy to hear that you have found some of my little diys useful in your own garden! Thanks for writing!


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