See what is blooming today in my garden…

I was strolling through my garden this morning, cutting a few things back here and dead-heading there. It is amazing how quickly the summer has gone by. August is here already and the heat and humidity have started to take their toll on our plantings. Not to mention we have had very little rain recently! I snapped a few pictures so you can see what is blooming right now. Before we know it, it will be fall and time to put our flowerbeds to rest for the winter!

See more of my garden in Summer Blooms and Flower Pairings.


Zinnia ~ annual

Purslane in the succulent bird bath

Mandevilla Vine

Mountain Mint

Butterfly Bush

Begonia ~ houseplant

Crape Myrtle

Impatiens ~ annual

Gardenia on Summer Vacation

Bee & Day Lily

Obedient Plant

Lantana (annual)

Wood Aster


Coral Bells, Impatiens, Hakone Grass and Lady Fern

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