Organic Slug Deterrent Tip!

Are slugs munching your hostas, peppers and other plantings to bits? Well, here is a tip that really works here at Our Fairfield Home and Garden. And, this slug deterrent is organic and only costs pennies!

Nestle a small plant saucer or old plate on the soil near where the foliage destruction is taking place. Then pour a few tablespoons of cornmeal in the center of the plate. How easy was that?

Evidently, cornmeal is just plain irresistible to the little buggers. They gorge on the cornmeal, crawl off and die! No carnage cleanup like when you use stale beer traps and have a slimy mess to dispose of.

The cornmeal expands inside the slugs and they expire. But this is organic – no slug bait or poison required. If your dog , cat or kid gets into the cornmeal, it will not hurt them.

After a rain, put fresh cornmeal out. You will be amazed at how well this simple method works! Some folks have written to tell me this deters ants as well.

Get Rid of Slugs!

Slugs eating your vegetable and flowering plant leaves? Here’s what to do!



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