Free Houseplants ~ Starting Begonias from a Leaf

Does your friend have a beautiful Begonia that you would love to have, too? Ask her/him for a leaf with stem and start your own plant for free!

Free Houseplants

Free Houseplants ~ Start a begonia from a leaf!



Free Houseplants

Rooting a Begonia leaf in water

Just plunk that leaf’s stem into a jar with water and refresh the water once a week. Put the container in a window with lots of light, but not hot sun. Clear glass seems to do the job best. Before you know it, little roots will start to grow out the bottom of the stem.

Free Houseplants

Rooted Begonia leaf ready to plant

Once roots appear, your Begonia is ready to transplant to a pot of its own. Mix up a houseplant potting mix with quite a bit of water. Remember your Begonia is transitioning from all water to soil. So, a wet mix is good to start off with.

Free Houseplants

Newly potted Begonias

After planting, put your new plant in lots of light, but avoid hot, direct sun again. Fluorescent growing lights are great for this purpose, but not necessary for success. Let the soil dry until just slightly moist before watering again. Then water as you would any houseplant.

Free Houseplants

Start another batch of cut leaves!

Start a new batch of leaves in water to keep making new, free houseplants. Many plants are able to be propagated this way: Pothos, Christmas & Thanksgiving Cactus, Night-Blooming Cereus and African Violets among them.

Free Houseplants

Use fluorescent lights or place new plants in a location with lots of light but no direct sun.

For a time, it will look like nothing is happening. Then, one day, a few tiny leaves will appear, pushing up through the soil at the base of the stem. Here’s a Begonia that is only 6 months old!

Free Houseplants

6 month old Begonia

Within a year or less, your Begonia will be lush and lovely. Here are a couple mature Begonias started using this leaf technique. Keep a few “parent” plants on hand and start new plants from them for all your friends and family.

Free Houseplants

Mature Begonias that are 1 to 2 years old

This is a great way to start new plants that are difficult to find or expensive to buy. I just found these beautiful African Violets at a church bazaar. They had been grown from leaf starts as well. Follow suit and have starts for your next charity organization’s sale!

Free Houseplants

African Violets can also be started from a rooted leaf.

Pretty soon I will have lots of new plants started to fill up the empty spots in our greenhouse. I’ll be growing them for our annual Master Gardener fundraiser sale. For just the cost of a little soil and your time, you can have lovely gifts or fundraising items, too!

Free Houseplants

Soon I’ll have many more plants to add to the greenhouse at Our Fairfield Home and Garden!



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  1. Lorraine says:

    Such rewards from so little effort! Those are beautiful and I love any plant with variegated leaves!


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