Field Trip : Gourds Galore and Norman, the Pot-Bellied Pig, at Marini’s Market

Peanut Pumpkins

Peanut Pumpkins … these warty pumpkins (that look like they have peanut shells glued to them) add an unusual look to the traditional pumpkin and can make some scary jack o’ lanterns at Halloween!

If you’re in a funk that summer is over and want to get in the mood for Fall, drop in to Marini’s Market on Veale Road in North Wilmington, Delaware! Their official mascot, Norman, will grunt a hello and ask for a scratch behind his ears before you do your shopping. Fond of dog cookies, fresh fruits and vegetables, this little guy will beg, but don’t feed him without permission. ┬áNorman is the reason I stop by every few days, I just love that pig! You can even “like” Norman on FaceBook !

The scent of fresh baked apple pies wafts through the air as you stroll around admiring the dried cornstalks, mums and a huge variety of gourds and pumpkins. There’s even a stand set up with all the names and samples of the many gourds and pumpkins. My personal favorites are white pumpkins. A close second is the Cinderellas, which look just like the pumpkin that turned into a fairy tale coach. Everything you need to bring a harvest feel to your table and home is right here. This is near the end of Marini’s season, closing time is right before Halloween each year and Norman will go on hiatus in a cozy barn for the winter.

Then, like clockwork, right before Mother’s Day, Marini’s will reopen with flowers, plants and fresh produce again, a true harbinger of Spring! But for now, I buy a few pumpkins, some small gourds, a Dutch Apple pie and some fresh salad greens and head home with Fall filling my head.


Marini's Market In Fall

Marini’s Market in Fall

Veggie Man

Veggie Man


ornamental kale


Mums of all colors!


Norman the pig

Norman, Marini’s Market official mascot, “Like” him on Facebook




scarecrows for Fall decorating

Peanut Pumpkins

unusual warty pumpkins ~ peanut pumpkins

Fall Gourds

Turk’s turbans and crookneck pumpkins

Gourd Identification

Handy-dandy gourd and pumpkin identification guide!

White Pumpkins

White pumpkins ~ my favorite!


classic orange pumpkins

Fall Pumpkins

Apple Pumpkins and Cinderella Pumpkins

Indian Corn

Indian corn

Gooseneck Gourds

Gooseneck gourds

Fall Market

Scarecrows, Little Pams and giant pumpkins !

Fall Market

Small Gourds and Mums




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