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Some of my gardening buddies in The Garden Charmers and I just got together to show you a perfect do-it-yourself gift idea for this holiday season; terrariums. Know a gardening friend that gets the heebie-jeebies in winter? A miniature indoor garden to tend is the best antidote! Every skill level from the least experienced to master gardeners will enjoy this little touch of nature to hold them over until spring. Easy upkeep and requiring minimal space make these tiny gardens perfect for apartment dwellers. They can also be incorporated into any home or office decor. Best of all, a terrarium can be assembled in less than an hour! So check out this collection of terrariums and easy directions. And get growing!

Terrariums of all kinds are Shelley’s specialty at Sow & Dipity. Here’s a pretty one pictured below from her collection of fourteen! Notice how the addition of green plants and a pinecone or two make this extra special for holiday gift giving. Can’t you just see this with a perky red bow?


Terrariums by Shelley of Sow & Dipity ~ click to view the whole collection!



The basic supplies are quite simple as Amy, of A Healthy Life For Me, shows in her quick and easy tutorial for making a terrarium ornament. Wouldn’t this be lovely suspended in a window or on the Christmas tree?


Terrarium supplies ~ click for the tutorial!


Terrarium Ornament ~ click to see the easy directions!








Stephanie, of Garden Therapy, has lots of ideas on her blog for “thinking outside the container” when creating a terrarium. Here’s one fun upcycle of a clear glass teapot. To see more, click on the picture below!

Teapot Terrarium

Teapot Terrarium ~ click to see more great container ideas!


Fairies make a lovely addition to terrariums and create the sense of a tiny, magical garden. This example is from Barb at Our Fairfield Home and Garden.

fairy terrarium

A fairy terrarium by Barb ~ click to see more of her terrariums!

Lynne, of Sensible Gardening & Living, explains the simple differences between open and closed terrarium construction in her wonderful article. Click on either of her terrariums pictured below to read more!


Terrarium By Lynne ~ click to see how she made it!



Closed Terrarium by Lynne ~ click to see how it is made!











Terrarium with a potted violet, moss, pinecones & a fairy accent ~ click to see more!

Not every terrarium is a planter. Above, an IKEA lantern is filled with just a potted African violet surrounded by moss and pine cones with a tiny fairy accent.

Succulents and small houseplants are perfect for an open terrarium. Get creative like Jacki, of Drought Smart Plants, and reuse a container you already have, like this fish tank! You will never miss the fish!


Jacki’s Fish Tank Terrarium ~ click to see how she made it!



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  1. Feral Turtle says:

    Some great ideas!! Love the teapot.

  2. Melissa says:

    They all look wonderful. I especially love it when they look like little secret worlds.

  3. Thanks for sharing my light bulb terrarium! I love all these ideas :)

    • Barb says:

      Thanks for being a part of this post, Shelley! I think you are such a talented plant designer and loved all your wonderful terrarium examples!


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