DIY Project : Plant pokes from vintage salt & pepper shakers

plant pokes

parrot plant “poke” in a jasmine made from a vintage salt and pepper shaker

You know those vintage salt and pepper shakers that your great auntie gave you? That’s right, the ones you can’t part with but cringe every time you see them in the china cupboard? Dust them off and repurpose those shakers as whimsical plant “pokes” that you can enjoy!

All you need for this project is a set or two of vintage salt & pepper shakers and some bamboo skewers (or other slender sticks made of wood or metal). Take the plastic or cork stopper out of the underside of the shaker, empty any remaining condiment and place it on the stick in a plant! How easy was that?

You can have lots of fun mixing and matching your new “pokes” to the plants you adorn them with. And, if you don’t happen to have any vintage shakers around the house, they can be found very inexpensively at resale shops and yard sales. So, get “poking”!

I would love to see your vintage plant poke creations on Facebook!

plant pokes

salt shaker becomes a plant accessory

plant pokes

piggy plant “poke”

plant pokes

plant “poke” from a salt shaker

plant pokes

parrot plant “poke” in a jasmine plant

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