DIY Project ~ Retro Hootie Owl Ornaments Made from Scraps

A little trio of felt & fabric scrap owls … retro “hootie” owls!

Fool around with fabric scraps, some felt and a few feathers and what do you get? Owls!

No particular pattern here, just freehand a body shape and cut out two pieces from felt. An apron using part of that same pattern was made from fabric scraps and edged in a blanket stitch.


Back of the owls

Sew the two felt body pieces together with blanket stitching, stuff with poly fiberfill and tack the apron front on. Now glue the feathers on. Cut out face and feet from felt and use a basic running stitch to tack them on. (Head covers the feather ends) Add two big buttons for eyes and a hanging cord if desired for ornaments.

You can make them large or small or in between. I think they would be great on a wreath, hanging from some bare branches or given as ornaments for the holiday season. Have fun with a little hand stitchery!

Spotted Owl

Argyle Owl

Snowy Owl




 “Hootie Owls”

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