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Ever since I made two raised garden beds out of my neighbor’s cast-off shutters, I have wanted more! But, unfortunately, materials to repurpose were just not coming my way.

Then I saw a wonderful raised bed by Aristata Land Works posted on Pinterest and was inspired. For only $68 worth of materials I could have the giant 8 ft X 8 ft raised bed I wanted!

All our materials came from Lowe’s and we used less expensive pressure-treated lumber rather than pricey cedar (although I love the look of cedar!)

Take a look at Aistata Land Work’s great directions as well as mine below. You can really make these raised garden beds any size you like to fit your needs.

If you are going to paint a raised bed like I did, one piece of advice to save some time is paint before attaching the metal!



Raised Bed Garden

Step #1 ~ Cut lumber to size. Bolt the sides together through pre-drilled guide holes.

DIY Raised Bed Garden

Step #2 ~ Attach the corrugated metal panels to the frame inside the box.

DIY Raised Garden Bed

Step #3 ~ Fill half of the raised bed with mulched leaves, grass clippings and garden trimmings

DIY Raised Garden Bed

Step #4 ~ Fill the top half of the bed with good soil.

Raised Garden Bed

Step #5 Plant your new Raised Garden Bed !

Shutter Challenge

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Judy A Muche says:

    I love this…Another thing to put on the list…LOL…Love the ruffled tin, it matches my roof…

  2. I love that you used galvanized! It looks either rustic or chic industrial depending on how you look at it!

  3. Christine says:

    I just saw a house that they used this on too and it was so modern and fresh looking…Love this idea for raised beds!


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