Bedroom Makeover ~ From Frumpy to Fabulous!

Before ~ comfy but frumpy, bedroom makeover, home decor

Before ~ comfy but frumpy

After ~ Elegant Country, bedroom makeover, home decor

After ~ Elegant Country








How lucky am I? One of my dear friends, Lorraine Edwards, is starting a home staging and redesign business and offered to makeover some rooms in our home! Every room in Lorraine’s home looks like it popped out of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine, so I jumped at the chance. She needed portfolio pictures and I needed help. What a deal!  Because, even though I can design a garden, somehow designing a room baffles me.

Our master bedroom was comfy but plain, not the country bed and breakfast suite with a French Country feel that I’ve always envisioned. But Lorraine took care of that! The first order of business was moving the furniture. Who knew you could put a bed in front of a window and curtain behind it? Not me! Finally our second night stand would fit in the room and the flow was so much better than before, when you walked into the side of the bed.

Keeping our budget and preferences in mind, Lorraine worked her magic. We threw her a few curve balls as we did not want to repaint and wanted to use our own furniture, bedspreads and artwork. Our red floral bedspread set the color palette and Lorraine located just the right fabric for curtains and shams, on sale! An area rug grounded the room arrangement and brought out the blue in the plaid curtains (a pretty blue line outlines the buffalo check) . Editing accessories and adding wonderful new burlap shaded lamps provided a whole new elegant look. Plus, the lamps were only thirty-five dollars each at Home Goods ! While using our existing mismatched artwork presented a challenge, Lorraine cheerfully pulled it off. Grouping wood-framed pieces gallery style on one wall and gold-framed ones in the rest of the room, Lorraine made it look like these elements were meant to be together.

Now our master bedroom makes us smile every time we walk in the door. My husband and I both love the bold red checks. He likes that it isn’t too “girly” and I love the blending of floral bedspread with the checks, so country yet sophisticated. Who wants to leave home when you have a fancy hotel suite of your own?

Lots of editing ! Bedroom makeover, home decor, redesign

Lots of editing !

Art work arrangement , bedroom makeover, home decor, redesign

Art work arrangement


Our bedroom has the feel of an elegant bed & breakfast! bedroom makeover, redesign, home decor

Our bedroom has the feel of an elegant bed & breakfast!





Before ~ Plain Jane Master Bedroom, bedroom makeover, home decor, redesign

Before ~ Plain Jane Master Bedroom

After ~ French Country Charm, bedroom makeover, redesign, home decor

After ~ French Country Charm












Lorraine Edwards

Lorraine Edwards

You can contact Lorraine Edwards, schedule a consultation and see more of her work at  YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND MINE

8 Responses so far.

  1. Absolutely lovely! I’m a plaid / check person, and RED ta-boot. Currently I have the all black furniture, but I’m lovin’ this cream set. She did a very nice make over for you.

    • Barb says:

      It is just beyond our wildest dreams, JoAnn! Only the rug, curtains & shams, rods and some accessories were purchased for a dramatic new look. We call it our “new” bedroom and are so pleased. The red check would not have been my choice – but I totally LOVE it! There’s a little blue line in the buffalo check picked up by the blue accents Lorraine chose for the room.
      Happy Decorating!

  2. I really love it! I am a check girl and this just looks so wonderful.
    She did an amazing job!

    • Barb says:

      Interestingly enough, Cindy, I like checks but never would have chosen such large ones in red on my own! But I absolutely love them and they work wonderfully in our room!Lorraine has real “vision”!
      Happy Decorating!

  3. Khadija says:

    That is such a cute transformation. I love how the curtains behind the bed look. I think you should add some pillows with blue to tie in with the pretty flowers on the dresser and your rug.

    • Barb says:

      Great suggestion, Khadija! We still have a little tweaking to do including turning a closet full of shelving into a built-in bookcase!
      Happy Decorating!

      • Lorraine Edwards says:

        I’m still on the hunt for just the right lumbar shape pillow to go in front of the 3 checked ones, Barb. I know men are not crazy about “mega pillows” on couches and beds! LOL


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