Be My Valentine! (Win an Amaryllis!)

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, February 14th.



 Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Time to dream up some ways to make your family and friends feel extra special! Here are some suggestions from Our Fairfield Home and Garden and a give-away from Longfield Gardens!

 Cross Stitch a fragrant sachet or knit something warm for your loved ones. Remember that sharing your time and talents shows your love in a way no store-bought gift can!

Cross Stitch Heart Sachet

Cross Stitch Heart Sachet

 Remember the way to the heart is through the stomach! Anatomy 101? No, but here is an easy, healthier recipe for Mini-Chocolate Berry Bundt Cakes. (Only 5 ingredients!) Drizzle with some chocolate sauce, add some raspberries or strawberries and don’t tell how easy it was to make!

Sweet and simple Valentine's Day Decor

Sweet and simple decor.

Valentine's Day tablescape

Valentine’s Day tablescape











Sweet and simple decor is easy to do with some floral plates, party napkins and a few seasonal touches.

Cyclamen in red, pink or white paired with a nicely scented candle will set a romantic mood.

Candles and cyclamen

Candles and cyclamen create a romantic mood.

 Anything in red or pink can make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. If your lovie is a birdlover, they will flip over a cute tin-roofed birdhouse like this! I used this one my sweetheart gave me in our Valentine’s Day Windowboxes.

Add decorative touches by placing red flowering plants and heart-themed accents in vignettes. Break out the red-checked tablecloth and the Valentine’s Day paper napkins. Make some fuss!

Amaryllis and pre-chilled tulips

Red Amaryllis and pre-chilled tulips growing on the windowsill in a Valentine’s Day vignette.

 By planting bulbs indoors every two weeks or so, you can have blooms all winter long! Amaryllis and paperwhites are great choices. Pre-chilled daffodils, hyacinths, squill and tulips are also wonderful options.

Amaryllis and Paperwhites

Forced bulbs such as Amaryllis and Paperwhites can provide wonderful indoor flowers in winter!

You probably know that Valentine’s Day florist prices are some of the highest all year! Here’s how to take a winter palette and create a special floral arrangement that looks great but won’t dent your wallet! Take a grocery store bouquet plus some greens from the yard and transform them!

DIY Valentine's Day Flowers

Save money! You can make somethings as beautiful as a florist for less!


Win a beautiful Amaryllis bulb from Longfield Gardens! Enter by leaving a comment in the comment section below! Good Luck!




40 Responses so far.

  1. Martha Franks says:

    I would just love to win this beautiful plant!

  2. Dandi Gentry says:

    I love your blog and facebook page! Happy valentine day! Love these flowers!

  3. Briana McKinnon says:

    This would be wonderful. You have me thinking about buying some bulbs to start spring early in my home. :)

  4. Deb K says:

    Your blog is so refreshing after all the snow we’ve had! I’m ready for Spring!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Melinda P. says:

    Enjoy reading your blog so very much. I love flowers & gardening!

    • Helen Malandrakis says:

      I have forced some hyacinths this winter. they have added fragrance and beauty to the drab winter.

  6. I love the idea of red birdhouses as a Valentine’s Day gift! Just looking at your blog page is like a breath of spring. All bright and cheery!

  7. The sweetly simple Valentine ideas have my creative juices flowing. Barb, you always have such wonderful ideas!

  8. Sharon S says:

    Amaryllis brighten short dark winter days. As does looking at the photos from your summer garden!

  9. Harriet Slifko says:

    just love reading and seeing all the beautiful pics!

  10. Carol S. says:

    I grow amaryllis every year for Christmas and then plant them outside. They bloom every year!

  11. Patsy Price says:

    Love checking out your blog here and on Pinterest. I love plants and flowers. I have two Amaryllis just ready to open any day now. Thanks for all you help us with here and on Pinterest.

  12. Norma says:

    Happy Valentines! Bulbs are great for winter, even if one lives where there isn’t much winter weather.

  13. Carol says:

    I love the Valentines Flower arrangement. It is so pretty.

  14. Beth D says:

    What lovely ideas! Thanks for the opportunity to win the amaryllis.

  15. Kellie V. says:

    Love your blog, you are so creative.

  16. Tonia says:

    I would love to win this beautiful plant bulbs

  17. Sue says:

    Thank you for the chance to win an amaryllis. It will help brighten up some ones winter!

  18. Sheila Neff says:

    very fun idea for Valentines Day

  19. Kathy Roberson says:

    I just love that amaryllis! I’ve had a similar one for well over 30 years and it is just beautiful. It would be nice to have a friend for it.

  20. Susan Bone says:

    i would love to win a beautiful amaryllis since mine didn’t bloom this year. Love the beauty of these flowers. I love you fb posts.

  21. Harriet Slifko says:

    Love amaryllis

  22. Carol says:

    Great ideas for Valentines Day! I love homemade gifts! The color of that Amaryllis is beautiful!

  23. Theresa Kane says:

    Your garden is so beautiful. I love looking at all the garden art you use. That is what I will be doing in my garden this year.

  24. Lor says:

    You really put me in the mood for all things festive and red for Valentine’s Day, Miss Barb!!

  25. Heather says:

    What a great idea to plant bulbs every two weeks. I wish I’d thought of that earlier in the season. My last narcissus just finished blooming and now I’m waiting for some branches brought in for forcing to bloom.

  26. Joy cope says:

    Love amaryllis. This is my favorite flower. I have a grove of them in my yard. This one would be so pretty with the others.

  27. Love amaryllis. This is my favorite flower. I have a grove of them in my yard. This one would be so pretty with the others..

  28. Linda says:

    I love all the ideas you presented for Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

  29. Patti says:

    Lots of Valentine creativity and beautiful floral pics!

  30. Jen Y says:

    I would love to win an amaryllis!

  31. Donna Bahorik says:

    Beautiful flowers. Love your posts.enjoy looking at everyone’s gardens and ideas. Can’t wait for spring to get outside again. I love indoor gardening, so exciting when plants start to bloom.

  32. Nancy W says:

    My last Amaryllis just stopped blowing a few weeks ago, I would love to have another one! Love your blog!
    – Nancy
    On The Home Front

  33. kelly hughes says:

    My “Christmas” amaryllis is just now is a wonderful “Valentine” red.
    I so enjoy your posts on Longwood Garden..I vow to make a trip this summer.

  34. janet roseberger says:

    Such pretty flowers…I’d love to grow one! Thinking Spring here!

  35. Jessie Bourque says:

    These are beautiful,majestic plants. and would love to grow one.

  36. Marlee Pierce says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the amaryllis bulb! ~Marlee~

  37. Alice smith says:

    Amaryllis are some of the first flowers I had as a young married. Finally figured out, that, while they’re wonderful in the winter, they also shine in the summer. I keep them in the “walkin crawl space” under my house and get them out in spring.

  38. Suzanne Bassett says:

    I love your page it looks great ! And so does the bouquet down the bottom ! Would love to see this beautiful flower brightening up my home xx

  39. jaine gayer says:

    I love Sunday Squawk!


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