Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

So, what do you do when you have an old stump to camouflage, a wheelbarrow with holes and dribs and drabs of different outdoor succulents? Why, make a planter of course!

This old wheelbarrow had seen better days and had quite a few rusted out holes in the bottom of it. Placing a few pieces of old screening in its base kept the soil in but still allowed for drainage. First I rolled the wheelbarrow into place, much easier to do before it is filled. Then I filled it with a potting soil and compost mix and was ready to start planting!

Using starts and plants left over from other projects, I just popped them into the planter. So quick and easy to do!



Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

A succulent wheelbarrow planter from Our Fairfield Home and Garden.

I added a hypertufa container with blue pebbles for a little pizzazz. Loving how the blue pebbles match the blue of the wheelbarrow, too!

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

A planted hypertufa container added to the wheelbarrow planter.

A terracotta pot holds a few extra succulents and adds interest at the base of the wheelbarrow planter.

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

Extra succulents were planted in a terracotta pot.

This top view shows the variety of outdoor succulents that have been planted in the wheelbarrow. As they multiply, I will have a ready supply of succulents to use in other projects as well!

An inexpensive and pretty cover up!

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

A variety of outdoor succulents make this planter colorful.

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter from Our Fairfield Home and Garden



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  1. Sonia says:

    What a fun way to reuse that wheelbarrow! I love succulents..great idea and so pretty!


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